A letter to someone I used to Know

We go back way back, where time did not exist when we lived on a different plane created just for us...

I knew I lost you when I would close my eyes and I could not see you there. God knows how many times I tried to re-create our memories in my mind, but I would always fail, time after time until I buried you somewhere so deep that I forgot about your existence you died and I have killed you. Being around people who used to be part of your life, has brought back memories, mostly empty memories as you are nothing but a stranger now. All these people, never stop cherish you and remember you and they always talked about your endless energy your excitement and passion for every little thing, 
these people truly love you. They have kept your memories so close to them like you never ceased to exist. Is not real though, your existence is nothing but a delusion you have left a long time ago and you are never coming back.
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