Things I could do if my Train was on time

Your train will be delayed
I love being a Londoner, London is the greatest city in the world but... not during rush hour. If you live in London or any big city you know that the struggle is real, apart from having to wake up pretty early in the morning, having to deal with train delays is just enough to well, be pissed off the whole day and then people are wondering why we are so moody.
According to this infographic by GoToMeeting below we lose 11 days on tube just waiting for trains, imagine all the things we could be doing imagine all the naps we could take and the extra food we could consume if we didn't lose so much time waiting for our train at 6 am or even worse train being delayed at 7 pm when you are tired and hungry and the only you wanna do is go home, not cool tfl, not cool.

So here I listed 10 things you could have done if your trains were always on time:

Have A Life
We Londoners, try so hard to stay on top of the game with our work and having a life, in those 11 days we could go out more often without having to rush home, be social with our friends and family, have more beers.

Go on more dates

Because dating in the city is already a struggle, imagine how many more dates you could go, probably few more, but what if the love of your life was in those few more, think of that for a minute.
Sleep Longer
If you didn't have to rush every morning you could have extra 15 minutes of sleep, those 15 minutes could make a difference, believe me, that's all I want from life 15 more minutes in bed. 

Finish that damn deadline
Yeah, we all have deadlines and we are all on the edge, tube delays don't help, I can't recall how many times I had to work while on the train because time is well money.

Enjoy a nice book in the quiet of your house in your comfy armchair than having to read on the train with a smelly person on the right seat and a crying baby on the left.

CookInstead of having rush breakfast or dinner, you could have a nicely cooked meal, for you and your family.

Watch a movie
Yup you could finally watch that movie that you wanted to watch since forever, but you never found the time

Spend more time with your other half or kids
Living and working in a big city it pretty much eats most of your time, that you barely have enough time to bond with your family, apart from the weekends. If trains were on time you could possibly watch that movie we were talking before all together.

Catch up with your favourite TV show
We all have our favourite shows, but with so little time, we can't even catch with them. You could finally catch up with GOT or any of your faves.

Be in a good mood
We Londoners have a reputation for being a bit cold and miserable but try waking up at 6 am on a Monday make your way to the station just to find out that your train will be delayed, there goes your good mood, hello "I wanna kill everyone" mood.

What do you think about tube delays and how do you deal with it?


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*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Great post! I often thing about the things I could be doing if my bus actually turned up on time everyday!

  2. 5 days spent in tube tunnels is pretty depressing isn't it. Once upon a time I used to commute 20 hours a WEEK! Mental!

  3. Luckily I don't have this issue as I don't live or work in London, but I can imagine it would be a NIGHTMARE having to deal with this most days :( x

  4. So true, it is a nightmare commuting in London and think of how many dates we could go on! Speaking of which... see you tomorrow x

  5. Haha I love this, so much time wasted!! I don't rely on public transport thank god but it would drive me crazy!

  6. This is a great post. Thank goodness I don't use trains often but there is usually a problem when I do! Kaz

  7. I can imagine that train and tube delays can be very frustrating. I remember being in London trying to get a train ticket and the man working there telling us that a quarter of a million people pass through the station in an hour... there's not even that many people living in my county - the biggest in Ireland!

  8. Goodness those stats are dreadful. I don't know how people cope with it day in day out :(

  9. This sounds a nightmare - I commute into Edinburgh every morning and dread the your train has been cancelled announcement!

  10. Wow - 5 days underground, that's a horrific thought! It's a nightmare waiting for trains - I'm definitely with you on the anting to get mores sleep idea!

  11. When we visited London and our train coming home was delayed, I felt so bad for the people who had been working all day and they didn't end up getting home from London until 9pm that night. Then having to do it all over again the next day.

  12. Reading is a smart way to kill time. I hate waiting.

  13. I often see tweets from my cousin about being delayed on the train......must be so frustrating

  14. I don't live in London but my sister in law does and she's always moaning about tube delays. It must be so annoying x

  15. I know this won't make you feel any better, but it's just the same up here in Nottingham!!

    Louise x

  16. I love this post! It's so true. My experience of TFL has generally been really good, but it is SO annoying when it's late

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