Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content Online

Creating content is a constant struggle between procrastination and well... procrastination but after you managed to finally write your post, film the video, edit and upload then the real struggle begins, PROMOTION.
How do you get your masterpiece to the world, how do you make sure people click on it, share it with their friends neighbours, mailman, something we internet freaks(people) go through on a daily basis.
Trying to think new ways to promote, from trying to write a damn tweet, to thinking of a catchy title but once you figure it you can just sit back and watch the world retweet you #internetkidsproblems.

Below I have listed 3 sharing tips on how to get your masterpiece out there and get those views.

If you are a blogger/vlogger or just another internet creative, you need to make twitter your best friend. Spend time on it, look what is trending, stalk other people on you niche, connect with brands and other vloggers/ bloggers and finally post your tweet. Make sure the time is right and use every hashtag appropriately.

Stumble Upon:
SU your second best friend. I noticed that not many people use stumble upon for promotion and I wonder why?!. With stumble upon you can get your post/video seen by thousands of people world wide, the only thing you have to do is create content that is shareable, for instance think facebook. What would your friends who don't make a living from the internet, share on their timeline. Create something that people can relate, whatever is funny or deep, oh and if it contains a list, even better, people love lists, see buzzfeed. Get a stumble upon button today and go viral by the evening(imagine that though). If you are a vlogger post something that is funny or informative, something that can create a connection with people . Check out the Toast TV video production company they absolutely nailed the video below and toast production.
Toast By Drone is funny, engaging and who doesnt like toast?!

I don't think I know anyone who is not obsessed with youtube, well maybe my nan but hey she is old very old. Youtube is one of the best platforms to create and share your content with people across the world. Video making could be used as a form of expression we are all different individual and we all have a message to share, youtube makes it to share your message to the world.

Do you have any useful tips on sharing your content online?


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*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I agree that Twitter is a great way of getting views but although I get views from Stumbleupon, mastering Stumbleupon is another obstacle all together ! You need to teach me still haha x
    Faded Spring

  2. I'm always sharing on Twitter as I'm linked up to SocialOomph and I get the majority of my traffic through this. SU used to be great for me too but recently it's not working as well as before. Such a shame as it was great for traffic.

  3. I am so useless on Twitter and I don't even have Stumbleupon, I need to get on it!

  4. I've tried stumble upon but got myself all confused and I haven't been on since. Apparently I've had one stumble lol. Hopefully you have inspired me to try again

  5. I don't really get stumble upon but I do get quite a few refferals from there. Pinterest is a good one too

  6. For me stumble upon is my #1 bestie as that's where I get 60% of my views and I love it. Twitter is not bad but I don't make videos so YT is a no no for me

  7. I use Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and a little bit of Instagram. I'm trying to dive into other social media sites as well. :)

  8. It's a good experience. Let people around the world know. Gclub


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