Barbecoa St Pauls//Review

In the heart of the city, barbecoa is giving a taste of quality cuisine to Londoners. As a food lover that loves fried food(kfc) but also eclectic cuisine, Jamie Oliver's is definitely one my fave restaurants in London. So after a hectic day my bae Ana(Faded Spring) ,my bae Christine (Xtineloves), Lucy and Cherry decided to go on a little food adventure, cus why the hell not?!

Barbecoa is located in St'Pauls can't get more central than that, hidden in between the skyscrapers right next to the cathedral, the view is to die for, perfect for a date(boys take notes). As soon we arrived, we were greeted by the staff , who they kindly took our coats to the cloakroom and showed us our table, the service was absolutely amazing from the moment we walked in. Ana and I we have been to so many restaurants disaster like 7 out of 10 so to finally go to a restaurant that the service was absolutely on point it was a good surprise.

We sat in our table and after taking 100 selfies we finally decided to order, Christine and I we are huge foodies so we went for the ribs the price was £20, Lucy and Cherry went for the two course meal that costed only £24 pretty good for a high-end restaurant and Ana being vegetarian did not have many choices so she opted for mac and cheese £7 and pumpkin £7.

After a very long day, few glasses of alcohol were much needed Ana went for a classic mojito £12 and Lucy and I opted for a glass of white wine which costed only £6, it tasted amazing. However Barbecoa is known for its selection of whiskeys, and as a whiskey lover I should have whiskey, but I didn't, so I have to return soon. Christine got also a cocktail, that came in a small glass and it was way too strong but she handled like a boss, her drink was more like a shot but it costed £10, it was a bit expensive considering it's size, but hey it gave her that buzz, that you always need on a Saturday night.

After approximately 10/15 our food arrived, and omg the ribs were massive, Christine and I looked at each other thinking yeah good choice. The ribs were coming with jalapeno, but me being me I was like no I can’t have it, it will be too spicy so they kindly removed them, but it was still delicious, finger licking kind of delicious (screw your manners, it’s ribs). Even though, I absolutely loved it, the only negative was that they were a bit dry, if they were a bit more juicy they would have been perfect.
Me being peckish I decided, to order chips too, cus a massive plate of ribs is not enough right?!
I ordered the fried chips with dripping beef, even the thought of it, it made my mouth water but when they arrived I was slightly disappointed as they were way too dry, all my girls tried it, besides Ana because she is vegetarian, and we all agreed that they were way too dry. The service was so amazing that I felt bad telling that waiter to bring me new ones, but when I did, I got again a very polite response. The waiter took the chips from the table and after a minute not even he brought me new ones. To my surprise the new ones were even worse, and again going through the same dilemma how do I tell him. When I finally told him, he apologised and he brought me new ones, third time is the lucky time, so this time the chips were fresh and delish just like everything else, so yaaas.

Ana’s mac and cheese was heavenly, I only tried a little bit, but that was enough, Ana seemed to be enjoying it I mean who wouldn’t is damn mac and cheese, next time I will be definitely getting it, it was really reallyyyy good. Ana was not missing much for being vegetarian. The only downside it was that it was way too small. Ana’s second dish which was pumpkin was delicious but again too small.

Overall, Barbecoa, lived up to it’s expectation, the service was amazing, the food was delicious and the view was absolutely breath-taking. The only downside, is that they didn’t have enough vegetarian dishes, yeah I know is a steakhouse, but there should have the very least 3 main dishes for vegetarians not just sides. Apart from that is definitely an 8/10, the reason for that is well it took them 3 times to get the chips right and again lack of vegetarian dishes, or else it would have been 10/10.
I definitely, recommend it and I can’t wait to go back and try the whiskey collection, and the mac & cheese.
Barbecoa St Pauls: 8/10


  1. Lovely review,the food looks delicious it makes me drool, I love Jamie's Oliver restaurants. I am coming to London for a meeting next week so I will definitely consider barbecoa especially since is the middle of the city.

  2. It sure sounds like a great place. I love restaurants that have stellar customer service. I just with the serving sizes weren't small also, it would be nice to have more vegetarian dishes as I don't eat pork or beef.

  3. So, ever so slightly hating on you right now as A I love Jamie Oliver B I've been recalling wanting to go C you've made me bloody hungry with these gorgeous pics

  4. At the centre of London, with delicious food like these, this restaurant must be the winner! Great recommendation especially for those who live or visit London.

  5. I love eating out - I review London Restaurants on my blog too!! I've been to many of Jamie Oliver's restaurants but never Barbecue - they've just opened a new one on Piccadilly near where I work so I'll have to give it a go!

  6. I'm really wishing I could taste that pumpkin! Not a fan of ribs or mac n cheese but that pumpkin dish looks like it would be so delicious!

  7. A moment of jealousy .. I'd love to go to one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants. He has some of the best recipes. And your food photography is so lovely! The mac and cheese .. a woman after my own heart .. a couple of bites is plenty .. and I'll move on to something else

  8. wow,pictures are amazing, makes me hungry love the ribs and mac n cheese, sin!great post thanks and cheers


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