Things I could do if my Train was on time

Your train will be delayed
I love being a Londoner, London is the greatest city in the world but... not during rush hour. If you live in London or any big city you know that the struggle is real, apart from having to wake up pretty early in the morning, having to deal with train delays is just enough to well, be pissed off the whole day and then people are wondering why we are so moody.
According to this infographic by GoToMeeting below we lose 11 days on tube just waiting for trains, imagine all the things we could be doing imagine all the naps we could take and the extra food we could consume if we didn't lose so much time waiting for our train at 6 am or even worse train being delayed at 7 pm when you are tired and hungry and the only you wanna do is go home, not cool tfl, not cool.

Barbecoa St Pauls//Review

In the heart of the city, barbecoa is giving a taste of quality cuisine to Londoners. As a food lover that loves fried food(kfc) but also eclectic cuisine, Jamie Oliver's is definitely one my fave restaurants in London. So after a hectic day my bae Ana(Faded Spring) ,my bae Christine (Xtineloves), Lucy and Cherry decided to go on a little food adventure, cus why the hell not?!

Barbecoa is located in St'Pauls can't get more central than that, hidden in between the skyscrapers right next to the cathedral, the view is to die for, perfect for a date(boys take notes). As soon we arrived, we were greeted by the staff , who they kindly took our coats to the cloakroom and showed us our table, the service was absolutely amazing from the moment we walked in. Ana and I we have been to so many restaurants disaster like 7 out of 10 so to finally go to a restaurant that the service was absolutely on point it was a good surprise.

Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content Online

Creating content is a constant struggle between procrastination and well... procrastination but after you managed to finally write your post, film the video, edit and upload then the real struggle begins, PROMOTION.
How do you get your masterpiece to the world, how do you make sure people click on it, share it with their friends neighbours, mailman, something we internet freaks(people) go through on a daily basis.
Trying to think new ways to promote, from trying to write a damn tweet, to thinking of a catchy title but once you figure it you can just sit back and watch the world retweet you #internetkidsproblems.

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