Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning

How do you lead a positive life with a negative attitude? The answer is you don't.

Life is going by so quickly we often feel like we cannot catch up, but what if we could; if we just find a way to make ourselves work.
Most of the people bury their lives in all the can and can’t, rushing everything, and operating in a survival mode. Life is gotten so hectic that we just don’t have enough time to enjoy it. We have become robots, we wake up go to work and then sleep and that’s it, that’s how life goes by until we are well pensioners.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up thinking, “what a lovely day is today, im gonna sit and read a nice book with a nice cup of tea”. I wake up every day even on the weekend feeling stressed that I will not have time to do my work, read for university, blog, go to work and ultimately let myself and other people down.

It took me so long to realise that if I want to truly live and not just survive is to change my mindset- which is harder than people think.
I tried few things over the past weeks and I instantly saw fundamental changes and honestly im more productive and less stressed.
Check out five things that everyone should be doing in the morning.

1) Wake up with a positive attitude
Open your curtains and get that natural light (that doesn't count for England I guess). You make yourself more awake by letting even a little be of sun inside, even better have your coffee by the window. Studies have shown that even 30 mins of sunlight keeps your circadian rhythms on schedule. Change how you see the world by being grateful of what you have. Every day, is a gift, tomorrow is not granted so how about making today our best day of our lives.

2) Wake Up Early
 I’m not definitely an early bird, I tend to go to bed between 2am-3am and then having to wake up in the morning is a nightmare, one of the reasons that pretty much hating everyone cus all I wanna do is go back to bed and sleep. However, is all about training yourself to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I managed to go to bed at 11pm the other day and woke up at 6am, I have managed to do so many things in just two hours extra.

Stretching in the morning is very important, you cannot expect to be fully awake if you don't wake your body first.

4)Work On Your Vision
Write down your goals, where to you see yourself in 5 years from now and how you going to achieve it and read it every morning. By taking few minutes to read and reflect your life vision it puts your whole day into perspective, you wake up with a purpose.
The more you read about your vision the more often you will think about it and then the harder you will work about it until it becomes reality.

5)Don't Be On Your Phone
I know this is a hard one. The very first thing I do when I wake up is to reach out for my phone, honestly who doesn't do that?! By being on your phone within the first 5 minutes you wake up, you instantly put yourself in a reactive stimulus which means that you are responding defensively to outside stimuli. Have your phone where you can see it so you don't get tempted and make yourself a lovely breakfast instead. Spend that 10minutes that you spend being on your phone doing something worthwhile.

Wake Up And Kick ass

Do you have any morning rituals?


  1. Wow I never knew about using the phone in the morning - it's the first thing I do! From now phone!

  2. These are great tips. I think I need to work on number 5 because I've got in a really bad habit of this and it's a massive time waster!

  3. I do try to stay off phone and laptop before my first drink, so I can have some proper time with my little boy.
    I like your list, and maybe I need to tweek my morning routine for improvement.

  4. Having a positive mindset can definitely change your morning and knowing that you need time to rest helps x

  5. Great tips! I love to say thanks and practice gratitude for the wonderful day I'm about to have 🙂

  6. Great tips i wish I was more of a morning person. I need to start getting in a better routine so I'm more organised and positive in the morning.

  7. Fab tips there. I always do the early mornings, especially with my kiddies! The first thing I have to do once awake is to have a nice cup of tea, then I can truly function :) x

  8. We alway wake up stressed and rushed, especially on week days. We just wish we had another hour before 9am! x great suggestions x

  9. I always leave my phone downstairs so it is not the first thing I look fact the first thing I do is make a cuppa

  10. Great tips, it's good to start your day well. I wake up around 5am every morning and find it difficult to get back to sleep. I spend the time thinking about things but I make sure it's nice things, not things to stress about. I never pick up my phone. I try to do some gentle stretching exercises as I often wake up in a lot of pain, but mostly I try to stay positive and just happy that I'm here to spend another day x

  11. Great tips I'm terrible for my phone in the morning going to give it a try and leave it well alone xx

  12. Those are really good tips. The phone one is so hard, I always reach for it first too but I'm trying to get into the habit of putting it down at weekends and reading a good book instead. And I think being outside and getting some light is so important.

  13. Waking up early helps set the day on the right direction. I try to get as much done as I can in the morning.

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