Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning

How do you lead a positive life with a negative attitude? The answer is you don't.

Life is going by so quickly we often feel like we cannot catch up, but what if we could; if we just find a way to make ourselves work.
Most of the people bury their lives in all the can and can’t, rushing everything, and operating in a survival mode. Life is gotten so hectic that we just don’t have enough time to enjoy it. We have become robots, we wake up go to work and then sleep and that’s it, that’s how life goes by until we are well pensioners.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up thinking, “what a lovely day is today, im gonna sit and read a nice book with a nice cup of tea”. I wake up every day even on the weekend feeling stressed that I will not have time to do my work, read for university, blog, go to work and ultimately let myself and other people down.

It took me so long to realise that if I want to truly live and not just survive is to change my mindset- which is harder than people think.
I tried few things over the past weeks and I instantly saw fundamental changes and honestly im more productive and less stressed.

What is Love?

What is love?

People describe it as that enormous feeling that makes your heart sing, transform you and make you a better person. What is love is there an adequate definition of love, are we even meant to define love? Maybe we are just meant to feel it, a powerful emotion such as love is undefinable.
But what is really love then? Have I ever been in love? I sometimes wonder... or in lust, or maybe I have always been in love with the whole idea of being in love.

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