How To Enhance your Productivity at the Office

Productivity whilst being a full time blogger can be a big struggle especially when are you constantly influenced by everything around you; such as your warm cosy bed or the fridge, your flatmate who you can see eating a delicious cake, yup. Everytime you have a very heavy workload it seems that the whole world is suddenly more interesting, even staring at the white wall is more interesting. However, that's mostly because you are in your comfort zone, convincing yourself to work is just a struggle by it's self. Many studies support that your office design can have an enormous impact on how productive you are whether you work on an organization or at home. If you want to make the best out of your home office look for inspiration at best office fit out in London so you can slowly build your empire.
There are so many details that contribute in order to create your dream office space, from smell to the air con levels, I have not even consider some of them but they make sense.

Get Creative
This is your space so is your time to get as creative as possible, for instance, I like black a lot (yeah I know) but I also like to have a bit of colour, so I want my office to be a combination of both. Edgy black with a hint of colour something that reflects my personality. 

The lighter the better.

I remember when in my last year of university we were told that a lighter room helps to keeps us awake but also more productive. The best lighting though is the natural. Set your office close to the window and start working early so you get the most of the light hence be more productive. 

We all love the smell of coffee before we start working. However, studies have shown though that the smell of peppermint enhance mental cognition improves, improves memory and problem solving. Along with pine that helps with alertness and cinnamon that helps with focus and increase productivity levels. Imagine your office smells like peppermint or pine though, how inspiring is that?!


Temperature Counts
Don't you sometimes feel that you are absolutely ready to smash it but then you start to feel too cold and then you turn on the heating but you start feeling too warm, and by the time you figured out the perfect temperature your inspiration is gone. Well, according to the info-graphic above and various studies the ideal temperature is between 20-25 degrees all year round. If it's colder you are not comfortable and vice versa if it's warmer you can't concentrate because you feel too hot.

Ultimately, your office is your space, I spent more than 40hrs in my so making sure is designed properly is a must. As I have said above get as creative as you want make it more you, it's the place where you greatest ideas will come to live so by spending few hours/days to design it definitely worth it.

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*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Interesting about smells helping with productivity, being comfortable and having good lighten helps me when I'm at my laptop

  2. I really like the idea of a standing desk (for health purposes) the infographic was interesting! Also, do you know if they sell peppermint candles that I can burn? I love the smell and if it improves concentration that can only be a good thing!

  3. Working in an office should be just as comfortable as being at home. I used to hate going into a white room with no character to work in. It's so depressing. I've left jobs due to the office surroundings.

  4. I have to agree, when it is too warm I develop one of my migranes and when I am too cold I can't concentrate. There has to be a happy medium and lighting definitely helps too!

  5. Great tips! I always struggle not to faff when I'm working from home so I tend to go to a coffee shop on my working days. When at home, I agree that light is my best motivator - I even moved my desk right next to a window.

  6. I would love an office at home, sadly mine is my sofa :(

  7. We are in the process of designing our home office, I am super excited to have my own space!

  8. This fascinates me. I would go out of my way to adopt all of this to enhance my work place.

  9. I need to create a workspace sitting at my breakfast bar just isn't productive at all broken back by the end of the day

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