How To Enhance your Productivity at the Office

Productivity whilst being a full time blogger can be a big struggle especially when are you constantly influenced by everything around you; such as your warm cosy bed or the fridge, your flatmate who you can see eating a delicious cake, yup. Everytime you have a very heavy workload it seems that the whole world is suddenly more interesting, even staring at the white wall is more interesting. However, that's mostly because you are in your comfort zone, convincing yourself to work is just a struggle by it's self. Many studies support that your office design can have an enormous impact on how productive you are whether you work on an organization or at home. If you want to make the best out of your home office look for inspiration at best office fit out in London so you can slowly build your empire.
There are so many details that contribute in order to create your dream office space, from smell to the air con levels, I have not even consider some of them but they make sense.


What you NEED to know about private renting

Moving to London was definitely one the best decisions of my life but housing well that’s whole another story. After living one year in the university's halls of residence my friends and I decided it was time to get our very own house well rent to be more precise. So after spending hours and hours on the internet and going from an estate agent to the other we finally found our dream house in our dream area Camden. Picture it a group of 20 year olds living in Camden, it was truly a dream come true, it was a bit pricey but hey we got to live in Camden. Before we sign in the papers we got to meet our landlord a very nice gentleman but for some reason he was convinced that I am studying animal psychology and kept asking me questions if cats can develop anxiety disorders and phobias yeah right. But apart from that he was pretty nice, he gave as a big fat contract to read and I remembered read it the first page and sign it, that was our big first mistake. Even though it was our first time being tenants we were aware of our responsibilities but not our rights.

Realizing things/2016

I still can't believe that we are already in 2017, it seems like yesterday the clock turned 12 and we were celebrating 2016. But believe it or not a whole year has passed.
For me 2016 it was not bad but I would not say it was great, it was more of a reflection of the previous years and failures, it was the year where I decided to find my true calling and realise my dreams and aspirations.
I always find myself dwelling on the past, lost in time between the present and events that happened years ago and that notion took away the best moments of my life.
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