The True Essence of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
What is Christmas?

Even though, I never had that ideal happy family, Christmas was always a big deal, especially growing up in a little village in a far away land. My family never had lots of money but we had what we needed, the basics pretty much. Every Christmas we would all gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the love for each other. I never been a religious kind of girl but I would still go to church on Christmas morning.
Now, moving out and to another country, I released what Christmas really is, and what I have been taking for granted. Having spent many Christmases on my own sometimes eating something as small as ramen noodles I tried to convince myself that Christmas is nothing but just another day, and look at the positive side which was well at least I get a day off. But as hard as I tried in the back of my mind I always longed those memories as distant as they are, with family, friends and nice dinner, there is nothing better than waking up and feel loved, that is what is Christmas all about, true,genuine love nothing else, nothing less.

Now, is that time of the year again where we are all a little happier and anxiously waiting for the big day on the 25th. But it seems that Christmas don't have the same meaning not as it used to. Christmas has become so heavily commercialised that in some ways it lost it's meaning.

My time in Selfridges has shown me what truly people think of Christmas and that is what I gathered from several people I came across "I need to wear the best and most expensive dress at the party" "I always give the best presents because there are so expensive", "Christmas is the best time to show off my Rockstud Valentino shoes I just bought", "OMG I love Christmas I will be getting so many presents, can't wait".
Is that Christmas all about now another commercialized holiday that big retailers can make millions if not billions of people's extensive amount of buying.

What about Christmas though the true essence of Christmas and no im not talking about the religious stuff im talking about the act of altruism where you show your appreciation and love not just to your loved ones but to fellow human beings that need it more than anything. Shoes, dresses is nothing but a temporary pleasure and if that, people wanna show off so they can receive compliments and get an ego boost from people they don't even like.

Thousands of people can't afford to have proper Christmas dinner but they are more happy that those people who are buying Valentino shoes and chanel bags. People are buying advent calendars and gifting themselves every day till Christmas what about doing a good deed every day until Christmas instead, to truly get into the spirit of Christmas.
For me the true essence of Christmas is, gratitude, forgiveness, and spread love to those who need it the most.

Do you think the true meaning of Christmas has been twisted?

What is Christmas for you?

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  1. A thought provoking post this. We never had a lot of money growing up either, but we always had magical Christmases. It's all about family and, as you've said, love. Things are just things, and we pay no great detail to how much a gift costs - it's the thought behind it that counts.

  2. Christmas to us is spending time as a family, playing silly games and having fun. I don't spend a lot

  3. Christmas for us is same as Kara. My boys will be home from Uni and spending time with family and friends. We do buy presents but only what we can afford. If we go out I don't buy anything new, as I always have something special in just in case.

  4. Christmas for me is spending time with my hubby and the cats, something we do a lot of but for me it has an extra special meaning because we celebrate our wedding anniversary too x

  5. Christmas for me is spending time with my family. This year I've been teaching my 4 year old about how to help other people so we've been doing a box for the homeless and sent gifts to a children's hospital x

  6. I couldnt agree with this more! There are so many kids who wont be getting a hot meal this christmss day never mind a gift from santa!

  7. Christmas has definitely become overly-commercialised over the years and is now just an opportunity for retailers to make a lot of money!

  8. Ahh Christmas is the same for us too. Although our children are undoubtedly spoilt, it's all about being with family and just enjoying that time together.


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