A Weekend In Luxembourg

It was the 9th of November the day of my birthday, when my friend called saying "hope you are free in 2 weeks cus we are going to Luxembourg". I must have screamed a little, okay not little at all. I absolutely love travelling so if there is any opportunity to travel even for few days im completely on it. So absolutely broke, drunk and with 10 deadlines we left for an another adventure away from the stresses of London. It can be that bad we thought, we can do luxury when we have more money now let's explore and say goodbye to 2016 with a last minute trip, and why the hell not, life is too short. 

So the adventure began...
We arrived pretty late and of course we got lost. Since Luxembourg is a European city we assumed that people would definitely speak English and worst case scenario we got google maps. But what happens when you get out of the airport and there are no people around and you realised you' re out of data, you just hope for the best. We were wondering around the airport when we saw another group of people who looked a bit lost too, and we decided to ask for directions and turns out that they were from London too, and thank god they had data, and google saved the day and us from freezing.

After our little adventure we finally arrived to our hostel, and surprisingly it was absolutely amazing. I never stayed in a hostel before, so I was a bit nervous sharing room with 3 other people I don't know, but  it turns out to be awesome and most importantly clean(yup im a bit OCD). After a good night sleep and hearty breakfast we hit the city. 

Luxembourg city was built in 963
 and it seems that the whole was built in mountains. The perfect holiday destination for me must have: history, culture and of course good food and Luxembourg even though tiny had everything I want.
It little paths here and there looked like it was taken from a fairy tale so graphic and full of stories that are to be unfold and explored. 

The whole city is so small we could walk pretty much anywhere, but even though is small there were still so many things to see and do.
As soon as I got out of the hostel my eyes caught that old rusty bridge just below a destroyed castle, I had to get closer I told my friends and without a further due we want to see that bridge and the river.
After lots of steps down, we finally arrived, the only thing that you could hear was the sound of the river hitting the rocks gently it was so eerie and haunting. Nothing really beats the beauty of nature. 

After exploring the old part of the city we went to grab lunch and visit Luxembourg's famous Christmas markets.
For lunch I had gnocci with bacon as I thought it was traditional but apparently it was just Italian #fail, at least I had traditional mulled wine and yes it tasted different than the one we drink in London.
What really grab my attention in Luxembourg is the people, everyone was so nice and polite, not something that you see in London. 

Luxembourg was definitely one heck of an adventure, we had a blast. Nothing beats little European cities for a nice city break away from the hectic life of London.
The best things in life are indeed unplanned.
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Thank you Visit Luxembourg for providing me with a Luxembourg card.

                                                        By Anna

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  1. I would love to visit this city. It sounds amazing.

  2. Wow it looks so pretty. Glad you had a fab time x

  3. Luxembourg looks fantastic, we need to go on a holiday at some point! Your right the sound of nature is beautiful.

  4. Luxenbourg looks picture perfect, I had no idea it was so pretty. I have never stayed in a hostel either, they sound a lot better then I expected xx

  5. I haven't been to Luxemburg in years, and it's reminded me how beautiful it is!

  6. I've never been to Luxembourg but I would love to one day - looks like a fab place to visit!

  7. Luxembourg is so pretty! I'm from Belgium so it was a regular travel for me when I was living in my home country. Mmh nostalgia!

  8. Oh wow I would love to go here! It looks beautiful, one day! xx

  9. I would love to visit Luxembourg, looks so amazing! :)

  10. What a beautiful place, you captured some stunning views here. I would love to visit :)

  11. Now that is an amazing friend - what a lovely idea and fab place to enjoy a break

  12. Luxembourg looks fantastic, ive never been as it has never jumped out at me, but you did a great job with the photos x

  13. It looks so idyllic. Perfect weekend getaway.

  14. Wow it's so beautiful. I love the look and sound of it. It has definitely made its way onto my bucket list! x

  15. Looks like such a gorgeous place there is so much to explore in Europe this is going on my list!

  16. I love European getaways and I have done 13+ in 2016 alone and can not wait for 2017. Luxembourg is on my list and looks great


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