A Weekend In Luxembourg

It was the 9th of November the day of my birthday, when my friend called saying "hope you are free in 2 weeks cus we are going to Luxembourg". I must have screamed a little, okay not little at all. I absolutely love travelling so if there is any opportunity to travel even for few days im completely on it. So absolutely broke, drunk and with 10 deadlines we left for an another adventure away from the stresses of London. It can be that bad we thought, we can do luxury when we have more money now let's explore and say goodbye to 2016 with a last minute trip, and why the hell not, life is too short. 

Vianden | A Fairytale Castle

Hidden somewhere in between the clouds, Vianden castle looks like it came out straight from a fairytale. Even though Vianden is a tiny and slightly isolate little town it has immersive history and every corner has a story to tell. The town was built around 698BC how crazy is that?! One of the best things about travelling is to be able to visit places with enormous history and culture just like Vianden, where you leave the place and feel like you have gained something that is above anything materialistic. 


The True Essence of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
What is Christmas?

Even though, I never had that ideal happy family, Christmas was always a big deal, especially growing up in a little village in a far away land. My family never had lots of money but we had what we needed, the basics pretty much. Every Christmas we would all gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the love for each other. I never been a religious kind of girl but I would still go to church on Christmas morning.
Now, moving out and to another country, I released what Christmas really is, and what I have been taking for granted. Having spent many Christmases on my own sometimes eating something as small as ramen noodles I tried to convince myself that Christmas is nothing but just another day, and look at the positive side which was well at least I get a day off. But as hard as I tried in the back of my mind I always longed those memories as distant as they are, with family, friends and nice dinner, there is nothing better than waking up and feel loved, that is what is Christmas all about, true,genuine love nothing else, nothing less.

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