10 Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus.

In the middle of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is known for it's crystal blue beaches, enormous history and delicious cuisine.
Is hard to imagine that such a tiny island has so much to offer.  Sun, Wine, Crystal blue beaches endless parties and hell of a culture, that's Cyprus.

Every time, I want a city break or a break in general from the hectic life of London, I visit Cyprus. This year I decided to dig a bit more into the culture and visit the historic parts of the island not just Ayia Napa.

Check out the main 10 reasons why you should visit Cyprus.

Fall in Love In the Island Of Love
According to the myth, Aphrodite (Venus) the Greek goddess of Love and beauty was born in Cyprus. What a better place to fall in love than the original place of Love. Visit the baths of Aphrodite in Paphos and the Rock of the Greeks and enjoy the magic around it.

Party Like There Is No Tomorrow
Even though, Cyprus is full culture and history is mostly known for it's nightlife. One of the most popular destinations in Europe. Ayia Napa knows how to party. If you feel the love then you can definitely feel lust. The perfect place to free the wild child out of you. Party till you can't anymore. As the party never stops. The last time I've been there I felt like I needed holiday from holiday. Read more at:What To Expect In Ayia Napa

Endless Adventure
Get your adrenaline pumping, at the Cape Greco high cliffs and explore the underwater caves. My most memorable moment was exploring the zenovia shipwreck, it's absolutely mesmerizing.

The Wine
Cyprus is home to the oldest wine in the world. Commandaria the wine of the kings and the kings wives as they say. Is a sweet wine made of sun-dried grapes, xynisteri and mavro. Definitely a must try for the wine lovers. 

The beautiful Beaches
There is nothing more peaceful than looking at the endless deep blue of the ocean. Since I was very young I saw the sea as my sanctuary, somewhere where I can breath and think. The beautiful beaches of cyprus are perfect for that. Nissi beach with it's golden sand will take your heart away. My favorite though is the Konnos beach, hidden between the mountains. 

The culture
From breaking dishes to fortune telling.Cyprus is full of little treasures. Cypriots value their family and friends more than anything. And everyone is so laid-back you almost feel like you lost the sense of time. No one is in hurry you can just sit back and enjoy your frappe and forget about anything. Don't forget to put your phone away.

The history
Cyprus has history of more than 10.000 years. Now imagine yourself walking in places and see ancient ruins and mines. Visit the tombs of the kings and go for some serious exploring on the other side of the island where everything is untouched. Check out Exploring A Lost City post.

The Food
There is no food like Mediterranean food. First of all Cyprus is home to the famous halloumi which is considered one of the best cheeses in the world. Indulge yourself to souvla or kleftiko and of course Mediterranean Greek salad.

The Friendly Locals
Greeks are known for their hospitality for years. Everyone is welcome and the locals will treat you like you are a long lost relative.

Winter What is that?
Yeah you read very well, there is no such a thing as winter in Cyprus. Even though it gets cold in winter but not nearly as cold as everywhere in Europe. There is 81% of sunshine in October and 61% in November. So you can visit Cyprus anytime of year and your vitamin D, and who knows if it's too warm you might get a tan too. 

Have you ever been to Cyprus?

Disclaimer: Some Photos were taken from google.


  1. No, I have never been, but after reading this, I may put it on my bucket list. It is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for posting the review and the pictures.

  2. I've never been but would love to go my mum and sister have been before though and had a lovely time.

  3. I have never been yet but I have it on my list. I am loving your 10 reasons to visit, so many reasons to visit.

  4. These are some amazing reasons to visit. I know I'd have to plan a long stay to experience everything.

  5. Yes!!! ...the Island Of Love! I was there some years ago! I have incredibly beautiful memories and a lot of beautiful photos! Gorgeous and amazing place - missing the sunny weather right now.... everything was so magical there!

  6. Yes we love Cyprus and recently stayed near Nissi Beach, it was perfect X

  7. I want to go everywhere, what's wrong with me? Amazing place, I have some other travels to do before anything else but this could be on the future list :)

  8. I have never been to Cyprus but it does sound like a really interesting country.

  9. To me, Cyprus and Greece are the most beautiful places in the world. No where else compares and I can't wait to visit someday soon. The coves are beautiful and look how clear the sea is nothing like the murky offering that the Thames brings us!

  10. My dad lives in Cyprus and I always get envious of all the pictures he sends over

  11. I have never been to Cyprus before, my dad has visited and loves it though. My cousin is getting married in Cyprus next month. It looks beautiful x

  12. You can't miss this place when you're in Greece! It's breathtakingly beautiful and you're going to regret not visiting the beach or trying the food! There's really so much to love about Cyprus.

  13. I would love to visit Cyprus. Looks so beautiful. Heard a lot about the beautiful beaches.

  14. I holidayed in Cyprus as a child. I'd love to travel back again now that I have my own little girl.

    Samantha xo | Blended To Perfection

  15. Cyprus looks like such a gorgeous place to visit. I really hope I get the chance one day! :)

  16. Omg the water looks so blue! I would love to visit here one day.

    Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

  17. I was movies on and about cyprus and it sure is a destination full of surprise and adventure.

  18. Ive been to Cyprus a few times now and it is absolutely stunning, so much to see and do x

  19. I have never been to Cyprus, but that first image of the Island of Love was enough to convince me to go there for a trip. :)

  20. It is lovely there and the weather is normally very good. Plus the food is yummy too ;-)

  21. This is the perfect holiday destination especially with "Sun, Wine, Crystal blue beaches endless parties and hell of a culture, that's Cyprus.". I have to visit too :)

  22. We went to Cyprus years ago. We loved it!! I need to renew our passports so we can start to go abroad again :)


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