What is it like being in your mid20s

When you are in your early 20s you can still get away with many things but as soon as you hit the big 25 you are officially in the big kids club.
I'm only few months away from turning 26 and I don't even know how I got here, it seems that I turned 21 last year, where did the time go?
Apart from the fact that I have times where im like holy shit im growing old is usually pretty good considering that now I get slightly more respect, cus ya know im old-er.

Being in your mid 20s is truly a roller coaster of emotions,there are so many expectations from society, so many things that you have to achieve but in reality you still feel like 21 year old who tries to act maturely just for the sake of it. Being in your mid 20s 10 years ago was so much different. People used to have kids and get married early buy houses and cars I can't even buy new shoes cus i have a massive student loan to pay back. 


Making It In A Big City

Does it worth it?
It seems like yesterday little me would look at the sky and wonder,what is beyond the mountains,how are the people in far away lands, will I ever get out of this small town? I never wanted the simple easy life that all my then friends and cousins wanted- meaning get married early have children move to a house close to your parents and just live. For me that was not living, it was just existing. I wanted more,I wanted to see the world meet people from different cultures, get a degree and my ultimate dream live in a big city. Every time, I mentioned that, people would laugh at me, I was just a little girl, and my fate is in this town. They laughed at me and doubted me so much that I stopped expressing them my need to get away and my dreams, even to my parents. However, I knew someway somehow I would make it, I never doubted that even though everyone around me did. 


It's Okay Not To Like Yourself (Sometimes)

Everywhere I look there are people saying that you have to love your body, and spreading body positivity but at the same time worship people with 1 specific body type that majority people don't have. Isn't that contradictive?


I Was Ghosted By My Best Friend

"The worst thing about being ghosted is to know that you didn't deserve a goodbye"
Few months ago I've written a post on growing apart from my childhood best friend (Read it here: Growing Up and Growing Apart) that ended up with me eventually ghosting her (I know a d*ck move), but having written this post I forgot what is like to be ghosted. 
Couple of days ago I decided to clean up my inbox and on the draft section I discovered an email that I've written 4 years ago but it was never send. It was meant for my soul sister as I used to call her. Our friendship started over a night and ended over a night. It's so crazy when you meet some people and you instantly consider them family. Is that familiarity the sense of closeness and belonging that you can't explain why is happening but you know it is.


10 Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus.

In the middle of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is known for it's crystal blue beaches, enormous history and delicious cuisine.
Is hard to imagine that such a tiny island has so much to offer.  Sun, Wine, Crystal blue beaches endless parties and hell of a culture, that's Cyprus.

Every time, I want a city break or a break in general from the hectic life of London, I visit Cyprus. This year I decided to dig a bit more into the culture and visit the historic parts of the island not just Ayia Napa.

Check out the main 10 reasons why you should visit Cyprus.

July Favorites

I cannot believe im writing July's faves where did the summer go? Is it seriously August OMG. 
I just got back from holiday from the sunny Cyprus to the rainy London, depression honestly. There is nothing better than cures holidays blues though than writing about your all summer faves well in this case my July's favorites. This summer, I discovered amazing beauty products that will be using for a while. 

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