Why I don't Wear Make-Up

"Maybe you should put some make-up on"
I never been the kind of girl who would put 10 layers of make-up, but I do consider myself to be rather girly. As any other 20 something woman I like looking good and dressing nicely but make-up is not my thing. In a generation where everyone is obsessed with contouring and strobbing is hard not to be at least intrigued by it. Like any media obsessed girl I wanted to try that countour thing that transforms you into a supermodel, and I did. As my make-up skills were non exited I got it done by a make-up artist. I was absolutely speechless when I saw my face, I looked so good but yet so different I almost felt like I was looking someone else in the mirror. My neck had a different colour than my face I didn't like it. 

10 Summer Anthems That You Need In your Playlist.

Summer is Finally here.
For approximately 9 months we all anticipate,dream on these 3 months of summer. And it's here, well we are halfway through. So I thought to list some of the summer smashes to kick off the summer, and get you on the right mood. Now listen up full volume, get wet, party and create some lifelong memories.
Live On the Edge.

Exploring: Larnaca


One of the greatest thing a human can achieve is the ability to look at the map and recognize places far away from home and call those places home. Memories worth more than any materialistic good you could ever buy.

In my travels I visited Larnaca, in Cyprus.  Larnaca, or ancient Citium or the town of Zeno the great Greek Philosopher has history of 4000 years. I always find it fascinating to be able to see, touch and walk in places with great  history that shaped humanity in a way. Larnaca or ancient Citium was home to Zeno the Greek philosopher known for his theories on Ethical laws and stoicism, and Cimon who was a statesman in the Greek military.

Apart from history and countless museums, Larnaca has good nightlife clear sea and most importantly good food.


Summer In London

Summer is finally here.Everyone's getting excited about their upcoming holidays, festivals little getaways etc. But you stuck in the city and you literally hate life right now, believe me I know the feeling. Or if you coming from a far away land in our lovely city and expecting to enjoy a hot summer in London, well is not gonna happen. But I guarantee you, you will have a kick-ass time, and after few day you will learn to like the rain, and our miserable faces.
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