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Yeah another festival post. To be honest I never get tired writing and reading about festivals. One of the most anticipated events every year for me are the festivals, and according to stats is the same for thousands of people. I have not been to a festival though since 2014 because well real adulthood(uni years don’t count) happened and had to pay rent and bills. One of the reason that I love going to festivals so much is that, you get away for few days and you are free to express yourself however you want whilst creating life-long memories with your best friends. Since I will not be going to any festivals this year (still crying) I thought to share a little list you WILL need when going to a festival. Most of those things I had them prepared but forgot them at home that’s when I realized how much are needed. 

Here is the ultimate list for all the festival essentials.

You are camping outdoors, using public toilets etc. Sanitizer is beyond important, there many little bacteria lurking at scenes like that. Just a small bottle could save your face from spots or even from getting sick, make sure you use it after going to the toilet and before you eat.

Dry Shampoo
I cannot stress this enough, you do not have access to a proper shower you are in the mud and you are probably sweating, a good dry shampoo is definitely needed not just for girls, boys too, sorry guys smelly heads aint sexy.

First Aid Kit
You can get a small aid kit from boots is not expensive or you can buy one and share the money. Accidents happen quite often in festivals, you might get a cut and need a plaster, and if not thing about the day after the big party, yup hangover. So if not a first aid kit then definitely paracedamol you are there to have fun not to have a headache, thank me later.

You going there to drink, let’s face it, we all go there to drink. Therefore think about the quantity and take an extra pack of beers you are in a place where you usually have a drink for breakfast not tea. If you ran out the places there are extremely expensive, probably more expensive than getting a drink in Mayfair.
Don’t forget to drink responsibly, what will you mom say?!
I know the sun in UK is rare but hey it happens, and if you are lucky enough, sun will decide to come out when you are about to hit the fest. It seems that many people don’t take suscreen, which it should have been the first thing into your bag. Sunburns hurt a lot, also hi skin cancer. Protect your skin with shit lots of sunscreen. Be cautious. 

Probably more important than alcohol (can’t believe I even wrote that). After lots of alcohol your body will get dehydrated which lead to nasty hangovers. Make sure you drink lot of water.

Charger and a Portable Charger
If your phone dies how will you be able to snapchat your favourite band?
Let’s face it you will be on your phone a lot and we all know that smartphone battery life sucks. So think again and take a portable charger with you, you will need to capture the moments as they will be lifetime memories one day.

Wet Wipes
Wet wipes are basically the shower in festivals. And you can always take them with you in the toilet you might need them more than you think.

Don’t forget your wellies, Uk festivals are not like Coachella, we know how bipolar the weather is here. Sun, rain, which results to mud. With your wellies and a rain coat you will be fully protected and be able to have fun, in the mud. #just saying

Ear Plugs
Yeah you are there to party, but you need at least 5 hours of sleep, you do want to make the most of it and by being sleep deprived wont do you any good. Ear plugs are definitely needed. There is always that crazy dude who decided to start signing at 6am right next to your tent. For the sake of your sleep and your nerves get some ear plugs.

And last but not least don’t forget to take with you, your Mom….no just kidding. 

Have a totes amaze balls time, stay away from anything that could potentially kill you (drugs). 

Are you going to any festivals this year?

Do you have any festival tips?



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  1. Uh I'm the same as you, not been to a festival in YEARS but do love them. Perfect list of things you need when going....Although I hope next time I go I will upgrade my experience a little and glamp. Not sure if I'm hard-core enough for the proper camping out experience ��

    1. Exactly, im too old for camping, glamping is the nerxt thing haha. xxx

  2. I'm not a fan of festival to be honest. I don't like big crowd like that where it all goes crazy. I prefer concerts. But I could make some exceptions. I had the opportunity to the go the Hellfest with my boyfriend. Even though festival it's not my thing, I know I would have loved it with him, and it's the last tour of Black Sabbath. Unfortunately I don't have the days off for it. But since I don't go much to festival, if I ever have the opportunity I'll use your tips, they are very handy !

  3. Great list! I have a solar powered charger (which also accepts a mains charge) to avoid the extortionate cost of the charging points!

  4. Being a photography student, I wouldnt leave my camera kits back home. i do undertsand that moviles are great for taking photos but a camera is a camera! also, i suppose a pair of extra clothes. You never know you might need them. :)

  5. We are too a great fan of festivals but had never thought that we could ever have a checklist for attending festivals. Your list is just right and we definitely would consider your checklist next time.

  6. I have not been to an outdoor concert or festival in forever! I do remember is was very hot, water was a must have.

  7. Sanitizer, first aid kit, sunscreen and baby wipes are great suggestions for just about any multiple day excursion. I'll have to add them to my travel list!

  8. We are off to Camp Bestival and I agree with all of these - don't forget a refillable water bottle too

  9. I think this is a great list, though reading it I was just saying 'Book a B&B' ha x

  10. I've never been, but would so love to go. Maybe just to Camp Bestival with our 5-year-old :) Helpful tips btw. x

  11. I have never been to a festival or camping as it is not my scene, however I agree with your list. Dry shampoo is a life saver

  12. Having been to Glastonbury and T in the Park I agree with your list. Suncream is the one that catches me out as I'm never that optimistic!

  13. This year I will go to a festival for the first time ever. So, I will need all of these tips esepecially what it needs for the 'restroom case'.

  14. Great list of festival essentials kit. I never thought about taking ear plugs! :)

  15. Nice guide! I've never been to festivals, but if I might, I will check this guide again to remember all the things I need to bring with me!

  16. Water, sunscreen and first aid. Enjoy but keep safe! Great tips! :)

  17. Great tips - we're massive festival goers and attending 6 this year! Our first festival putting as a family we forgot our ear plugs and couldn't sleep at Blissfields! eeeeeek !

  18. those are some serious great tips . Love festivals and I have a list of them I will attend this summer . Printed your list

  19. Great list! Pre-mommy days I was a festival lover too, never missing one. You nailed the list! Water and booze being very important ;-)

  20. I really love going to music festivals but they only happen occasionally here in the Philippines. Thanks for the list of stuff to bring!!

  21. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


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