Burning Man


Have you ever wanted to be in a place where societal norms and any kind of control does not exist, no rules and regulations?
A place where you are free to express yourself and embrace your inner freak.

We go through our whole lives repressing who we are,hiding our true emotions feeling embarrassed, guilty and slowly drifting away from anything that purely defines us as a whole human being. We spent most of the time hiding behind the mask we been given by society. In burning man your allowed to throw that mask away be who you truly are, embrace your weirdness,your creativity bring to life the child inside of you that you have been repressing for years. 

I heard about Burning Man years ago when a classmate was expressing his disgust on how people act in a festival like that, however I was intrigued by it so when I went home i googled it. My reaction was completely the opposite i fell in love with it. It stands up for everything i strongly believe in such as art, radicalism,self-expression, gratitude,spirituality and much more, and since then, burning man ranked high on my bucked list. 
For some reason I always wish there was a place like that somewhere in the world and when i found out about it's existence I made it as a life goal to go at least once.


What is Burning Man?

Burning man is nothing you have experienced before,unique to it's kind. It takes place at the black rock city(playa) in Nevada and it last for 1 week. 
People are called to built a whole city out of nothing within few days, and along that create a community based on radical self reliance and radical-expression. In this ephemeral city everyone has to participate in order to create the community, you can't really be a spectator or else you will not understand the real essence of it. What I really though was different from other festivals is that no one expects you to purchase anything, burners gifting each other without expecting anything in return.They built multiple camps that people there, offering their skills and knowledge for free. For instance there is a yoga camp and many more.
That immensely act of altruism and empathy creates a tranformative experience. 
The whole essence of the festival represents transformation and rebirth people who 
have been there have reached a state of nirvana impossible to be experienced anywhere else. People are craving to be who they want to be, to break away from society even for few days,burning man is offering that feeling of freedom. Being liberated even for few days is such powerful notion that people would go to the most inhospitable places in the world to experience it. 
Burning man is not like any other festivals and definitely not for coachella girls or for the faint-hearted.
This festival lives and breathes art, they are multiple art installations in every corner that will leave you speechless. Every-time I look at the pictures I keep thinking how can someone create such a piece of art is absolutely mesmerizing. 
Apart, from the art installations there is a temple with a different theme every year and of course the "Man".
People write their hopes,fears, letters to their loved ones and leave them at the temple, and when it burns they see it as an opportunity to start over . Similarly to "Man" the burn that takes place on a Saturday it represents rebirth. 


You won't be the weird kid in the class
Since I was a child I never really been the one to conform and follow the rules, I always been an outsider. Many times I thought that I was in the wrong and will never find like-minded people.I guess what really draws me in burning man is that there is a strong sense of community, that celebrates each other without trying to change us. Immediacy is on of the 10 principles given by the founder Larry Harvey It means you are free to express yourself however you please with no restrictions. No one will judge or laugh at you. You can be as creative and silly you won't with your outfits and art.

Digital Detox
We live in a time where we are extremely dependent on technology. Digital communication is slowly killing real human interaction. Something I noticed from myself and friends, as soon as we go out the first we all ask the waiter if there is WiFi, we have become so obsessed with the digital world that being away from it seems like torture. In burning man there is no WiFi,phone reception, TV, video games or anything that will distract you from being there. It basically forces people to truly interact with each other, get out of their comfort zone and be present.

Radical Self-Reliance
Another of the 10 principles of Burning Man is radical self-reliance. This festival encourage people to learn to rely on their own resources in order to survive. Being on the desert away from technology and any kind of comfort can force you to get on survival mode and discover your inner strength. 

If we all practice the burning man spirit and came together as one community we would achieve great things. 

We are not made to be restraint and put into boxes and labelled we are humans; similar to each other but yet so different and that is beautiful, our uniqueness should be celebrated not bashed to the point we choose to repress who we are.

Find More at: Burning Man.

Have you been to Burning Man before?
                                                        If not would you go or not?

Words: Anna 

Disclaimer: Photos were taken from google. Credits to the owners.


  1. I have never heard of the burning man festival but it sounds like a great concept!

  2. I haven't heard of this festival and I'm not too sure it's for me. I'm not a big fan of festivals

  3. I like the concept and agree it's good to stand out. I'm trying to stand out and speak out. I guess I'm a burning woman!

  4. This sounds interesting. I have never been to a burning man festival before but I could go.

  5. I had heard of the Burning Man festival but I had no idea it was like this! This sounds right up my street! Daydreams... :)

  6. i never heard of the burning man festival.. but i love this idea.. and im in total agreement.. we can live behind a mask.. looking for acceptance all the time from our peers.. throw off the mask and accept your self!! fab post x

  7. I have heard of the burning man festival. It wouldn't be my thing, but festivals in general aren't - I don't enjoy crowds! But I do think it is more interesting than most, and I get its appeal. The actual burning bit does make me think of The Wicker Man, though...:D (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  8. I hadn't heard of this festival before so thank you for writing about it, I like to learn about new things. It sounds very spiritual and I like the art X

  9. I have never heard of this festival before, but it sounds really amazing. I love the idea of a yoga camp and the fact that everybody helps each other. It sounds like there is such a lovely community feel to this festival. x

  10. I had not heard about the Burning Man, but your post has piqued my interest. The concept sounds amazing.

  11. I've never been it does sound like a great concept though.

  12. I've heard of the festival before but this is a very different perspective on it that you describe - thank you!

  13. I have heard about the festival before but never really was curious to find out more details about what is happening there. I didn't know that people go there for a re-birth experience or that it was an art scene.

  14. I'd never heard of it before but it sounds amazing! The idea of people coming together like that is awesome. x

  15. The Burning Man sounds like a festival we bloggers need to visit to curb our dependency and reliance on technology to survive. I imagine it to be a spiritual oasis that allows you to 'regroup' and challenge yourself to forgo all digital media.

  16. I've not heard of burning man before and I have to admit whilst I am intrigued that it isn't my cup of tea

  17. I've not heard of this festival before, i think it's a bit extreme for me although I need a digital detox.

  18. I've DJ'd in San Francisco a couple of times and the locals there had nothing but praise for Burning Man. One day. One day.....

  19. Amazing post and blog hun.

    instagram: its.dominica.s
    Have a lovely week. xXx


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