A Diffrent Kind Of Tea Party

It's Tea Time!
Spring heralds fun in the sun and tea parties!!!!
Last week I attended to my first tea party of the year at the Pop Up Pation in Finsbury Sqare and it was amazing.
The people from blogger hangout definitely know how to put up a good party. Unlike other events this one was more food/drink focused definitely my favorite I mean who doesn't love food?! 

The brands were more focused on natural ingredients and healthy lifestyle. 
It was an amazing event I found myself drinking Modo matcha tea and few minutes MEAD beer and eating peanuts can't get better than that.

  Here are some of my favorite brands

Just Bee
Just Bee is just Perfect. 
If you are looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating drink from day to night then this is it. I absolutely loved it from the moment I tasted it at the event. It would be perfect for the hot summer days when you want something something fresh but not heavy. It has one drop of honey and is under 40 cals so you can drink as much as you can. Plus honey is a natural antioxidant, and improves your immune system. Highly Recommend this Drink. #fave

I never been a beer girl kind of the opposite there is something about the taste and smell that puts me off so I always opt out for my all time favorite whiskey on the rocks. When I was at the event I was slightly reluctant to try the MEAD beer thinking i won't like; but i was pleasantly surprised because guess what ? It doesn't taste like beer at all, even though is beer.
It's a Latvian beer and is usually available in festivals, and it making it's way to the UK market. I loved Mead, and im ready to become a beer girl now.
Modo is made of matcha green tea and fruit juices. When I first tasted it at the event I wasn't very impressed to be honest, by the taste and the dark green colour. Few days after the event I was looking for something cold to drink and I saw in sitting in my fridge I was like why not everyone deserves a second chances. When I started drinking I almost immediately felt its effects, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. I had the pineapple and matcha drink which boost energy and mental clarity needless to say I didn't need coffee after that. The taste was not amazing but it was very fresh. Plus is healthy and au natural much better than caffeine. I definitely recommend this as coffee alternative.

What would you like to try?



  1. You forgot to mention about all the lovely bloggers that were there including your bestie me :p haha my favourite was the Just Bee drinks it was so refreshing and made me feel rejuvenated.

  2. I love the sound of the just bee drinks and my partner would love the beer x

  3. The drinks sound delicious, I am not sure which one I would like to try first! :)

  4. I think the pineapple and matcha drink sounds delicious

  5. Oh the Just Bee drinks sound lovely. with two pregnancies in two years I've not had much to drink but I do like the odd beer xx

  6. I am loving the sound of the sound of the Mead beer, I would be up for trying that. Sounds like a fab tea party

  7. wow if im honest i'd never heard of these brands before however definitely will be keeping an eye out for them from now on especially the Just Bee drinks. xx

  8. I'm not sure of any of these except maybe the Just Bee. It's always good to go to events and find out more about new launches

  9. I love natural products but have to look at the ingredients of anything before i try it. Ive not heard of any of these but will be looking out for them. Marie :(

    1. Thats suppose to be a :) xx

  10. this looks really cool, i'd love to try all of it!

    danielle | avec danielle


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