Ivy Park X Topshop

I have always been a big fan of Beyonce not just because of her music but also because she had always been empowering women and vocalized many issues that affect society. So, when I found out about her collaboration with Topshop I could not contain my excitement. Beyonce made her designer debut with active-wear for women. The range is a combination of performance technical styles to casual nights out clothing. According to Beyonce the collection was designed to inspire women to stay strong and maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and well being. Ivy Park is cool and fierce at the same time, my personal faves are the low rise leggings as the fit perfectly to my straight silhouette the white bra top and the leotard that I'm pretty obsessed with it. I would definitely rock it on a night out. What I really love about Ivy Park is that the clothing is designed to fit all body types and accentuate our assets. We all have a little Sasha Fierce inside of us, now is time to dress like her. 

Floatation Experience

                                       "I am Floating away, lost in a space of my own"
I always envied the tranquility and the depth of the ocean, I have always imagined myself being afloat and lost just me and the ocean far away from everything and everyone. Many times I tried to float in the water but considering that I had to contribute physically I could not reach the relaxation state I so much craved. Few weeks ago I was invited to go to a floating experience at Floatworks in London. I was excited and intrigued at the same time I could not stop thinking how is possible to float in the water what kind of sorcery is that?! 
Well the sorcery behind flotation is 800lbs of Epsom salt as I was explained by the owner Chris.  More specifically flotation takes place in i-sopod flotation tank that looks pretty much like a capsule half  filled with water and packed with so much saline that keeps you afloat. So not sorcery just modern technology and well the magic of nature.  


A Diffrent Kind Of Tea Party

It's Tea Time!
Spring heralds fun in the sun and tea parties!!!!
Last week I attended to my first tea party of the year at the Pop Up Pation in Finsbury Sqare and it was amazing.
The people from blogger hangout definitely know how to put up a good party. Unlike other events this one was more food/drink focused definitely my favorite I mean who doesn't love food?! 

Things To Do In London This Spring

Spring is official here and I could not be more excited. I'm completely over the long winter, short days and shiver-inducing weather. April heralds the arrival of spring and the end of hypernation, and it gives us the promise of long days full of sunshine(as much sunshine we can have in Landan). Is finally time to put our sunglasses on, grab our favorite frap and enjoy our city. Even though London has the reputation of being dull, as soon as the sun is out it transform to a place of bliss with endless things to do from morning to night.
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