Blogger's Fashion Week

One of the most exciting things about being a blogger is that we get to go to cool events and meet many people and get introduced to new brands. The latest event was the 
Blogger fashion week which comes after London Fashion week as a special industry inside. 
The event took place in a studio in Hoxton where all the cool kids hang out. The event was split in two parts myself and my blogger bff Ana from Faded Spring decided to go to both, we arrived there around 12ish and stayed until well 9 it was a long but a very productive day.

Genderless Fashion

Since we were born we were obligated to follow the unwritten rules of society. From the beginning of our lives we were being put into boxes one the most obvious box is "gender", which has nothing to do with our sex which determines if we are male or female. Gender is more socially constructed,than biological,many argue that there is not really a reason why little girls have to be in pink and play with dolls and little boys play with trucks and wear blue is more of a marketing technique to separate the identities and put people into boxes.

Vegetarian For A Week

Gone veggie for a week

 Even though I have always been an avid meat eater for my whole life I always wanted to become vegetarian but I always thought it would be hard to follow. My main concern is that as a very slim girl I thought that by being vegetarian will lose even more weight so I set as a limit to eat meat until I turned 30.  However, having vegetarian and vegan friends they put my concerns into other perspective and my silly little thoughts to rest. As an animal lover and animal rights advocate is pretty contradictive to continue eating meat. People choose to become vegetarian for various reasons,health,animal cruelty, religion etc. My main reasons are animal cruelty and of course health. I always been aware of how animals are being treated before and during slaughter but I guess I just let it pass me by or maybe I wasn't brave enough to face the truth. Few weeks back I came across a video by PETA, where it documents what really happens behind the scenes at the food industry, and honestly I felt embarrassed to be a human.
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