Soho Lights

As you might have read from my previous post "home" I always struggled with belonging however as soon as i walked into Soho i fell in love with it, just like Camden; soho is a place where  the outsiders hang out the eccentric kids the club kids who are not afraid to stand out. As an outsider myself  I felt comfortable like there are people out there who "get me" . Soho is not just located in the heart of London it is the heart of London.  

 I usually go there for a stroll with friends or even alone as I love getting lost there in the little streets admire the street art and the liberation to express yourself however you want. Or walk by the notorious red light district also known as the sex district which is kind of quiet during the day.                                    
But Soho itself is always full of life at any time of the day and that's another reason i love it, as a small town girl i kind of sick of the quiet places, I like places that are lively and by that I don't mean the tube but that's another story.
As a classic club kid I spent most of my early 20s in random clubs in Soho wearing whatever came into my mind whether that is a feathery top and glitter everywhere or just jeans for the days that I couldn't be bothered, I embraced the wild child inside me to the top, and every time I walk by those streets I get random giggles as I remembered things I done with my friends.
The last few years Soho is in danger of being shut down by gentrification. Every month there is a new threat to knock out another element, many iconic venues have been shut down within the last five years such as Madam Jojos, Astoria, 12Bar and more. LGBT activists try to protest against but who has a voice against big companies that want to make millions. Soho is trademark part of London not just for the LGBT community but for all Londoners. London is changing right before our very nice and some of the changes are not always good. 

 Today I found my self wondering in Soho again, and since we are in the heart of winter I decided to go with an all black outfit, and embrace my inner Goth. I wore a classic leather jacket, with leather leggings and a see-through top and of course my favorite hat from topshop. 

What do you think gentrification?



  1. Gorgeous look dear.Love those black in black look.
    You looks super cool.Please visit my blog sometime.
    Have a awesome day.Kisses

  2. Never been, would love to take a stroll.

  3. I really like Soho so it makes me sad that so many venues and buildings with history and character are being shut down or torn down. I'd really like to go back at some point and enjoy it the way it is at the moment.

  4. Love those pictures of you! Stunning!

  5. Love the all black look! These pictures are stunning!

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  6. I love SoHo! My daughter goes to NYU so it had such a special spot in my heart. I get to go there frequently and so enjoy the cobble-stone streets and that glamorous shopping!

  7. I went in London but I disn't go to SoHo. I hope to go!
    Great outfit!


  8. It's a shame so many little places are being pushed out by chains and big companies. It's happening all over. History is just wiped out.

  9. I love the photos of you. Fantastic. It looks like a really amazing area. Might have to visit there sooner than later it sounds!

  10. Nice photos...lovely look xoxo

  11. i just follow your blog


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