5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter is officially here the weather is getting colder by the minute and the only thing you wanna do is stay in bed and drink tea or hot chocolate all day, but you have to get out and face the cold.  Sometimes staying warm and stylish in winter it could be a difficult task. We all had days when we stepped outside looking like an eskimo but cold is not an excuse for throwing fashion out of the window. Here I have listed 5 winter essentials to keep you warm and stylish, because you can still look fierce even when is damn cold out there.

1. Knee High Boots
I cannot brag enough about over the knee boots. Even though they were always a trend I became obsessed with them the last three years. Over the knee boots make me love winter and believe me I am not a winter person. There is something about these boots that makes me feel confident and ready to take over the world. Every girl has to have at least a pair. You can buy them in primark for £20 or if you want something more expensive you can check Kurt Geiger they have the best selection of over the knee boots heeled and flat.
2.Statement Coats
A good winter coat is the sartorial version of a swan beautiful and elegant on top even if there is chaos underneath. Is the first impression of you and your style, are you wearing a bra underneath no one knows the only thing that matters is that you make a statement as soon as you step out of your door. These coat are perfect for women who want to stand out who said on winter you have to wear black. My favorite is the one in the middle by Emilio Pucci in hot pink warm yet stylish.

3. Black Skinny Jeans
Every girl must own a pair of black skinny jeans they give you that rock chick kind of attitude and their streamlined silhouette allows you to layer multiple items to keep you warm. They can be worn at the office with flats and on a night out with heeled boots.

4.Beanie Hat 
Beanie hats should definitely be on you winter essentials list, they don't just keep you warm they also very stylish and you can always wear them when you having a bad hair day. My favorite is the yellow beanie from year ZERO in London, is a statement piece for people who are not afraid to stand out.

Scarves is a must have when is freezing out there. For many year I thought that wearing a scarf would ruin my outfit but I realized that if you pick the right colour and style it properly it can actually make your outfit and keep your neck warm and cozy. I usually go for neutral or dark colours in scarves as I can match them with various outfits. My favorite is the leopard scarf from topshop is very warm and only £15.

Do you have a favorite item for winter? 

By Anna


  1. I luurve the neon pink coat - only issue is it stands out so much you could not be seen wearing it too often.

    The other two coats are not bad either.

    I like the high boots but they do not match the type of clothes I wear. They scream "look at me" whereas I am more of a classic type.

    Unsure about beanie hats.

    Yes to black skinnies and scarves - every woman's winter staple.

  2. Olivia Palermo's monogrammed blanket poncho/wrap is gorgeous with the thigh high boots. I think my favourite winter essential is either a ribbed turtleneck or a faux fur scarf .

  3. Warm and cozy. Jeans, boots and coats. A pink coat this winter for sure.

  4. Huge fan of the statement coat. I get one every year and for each season:)

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  6. Yes yes yes! Can't get enough of black skinnies and knee highs!


  7. I love the idea of knee high boots - as a plus size girl it's slightly harder to find them to fit my legs, but they are available! Good fashion staples of course :)

    Lottie xx

  8. All great pieces to have in your winter wardrobe! I'm missing a good beanie, but I'm not quite sure I can pull them off anyways!

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  9. I love how you basically described me at the top! Haha. But seriously, scarfs and knee high boots I can't live without in the winter.

  10. I'm a huge fan of my black skinny jeans! Those statement coats are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  11. oh I am just missing the boots and the beanie!! I mean I have brown boots but those aren't quite right! I love the pick jacket though!

  12. I wish I was taller so I could pull off knee high boots! Scarves are definitely my biggest winter staple :)

  13. I want the over the knee boots soooo bad! And that faux fur scarf is lovely! Ugh so many clothes I want! :)

  14. I love how knee high boots look, but I just can't pull them off! Everything else on this list is in my closet though. :)


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