My Icebar Experience

As a city girl and a proud Londoner I always loved discovering new places to go to. One of my most wanted place to go was the Ice bar, I wanted to go there since I moved to London, but I never quite made  it. When I got invited for the #bloggersbelowzero event at the Icebar, I literally screamed from excitement, finally the day well night to be exact has come #yaaas
The event took place on a Monday which was good, as it kinda broke the whole it's "Monday I wanna die" kind of vibe, I had something more to look forward than waking up at 6am, so ya see not all Mondays are bad.  Icebar is located at the heart of London in the fancy Heddon Street between Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus. 


Perfect Red For Valentine's Day

It's this time of the year again where we feel lovey dovey and we see the colour red everywhere, yup Valentine's day is around the corner, how exciting right?! Well only if you have someone to spend it with if not well lets whip together I got wine, just saying. If you are celebrating this year then I am  guessing you are on the hunt for the perfect outfit,perfect lipstick and you want something probably in red. Well girlfriend, I got ya covered at least on the lipstick department. Finding the perfect red lipstick could be a mission, you need a lipstick that will make you look like a femme fatale not a clown you need it to be perfect by all means.   

Turning 25

I have spent my whole life dwelling on the past or thinking of what would have happened if I didn't do that or this. I have always procrastinated and left important things for tomorrow or left family and friends waiting, thinking that I will make that call later. I have gone through big moments of my life thinking of something else instead of being in the moment. I spent a big portion of my life wishing things to happen like I was older when I was younger, wishing I was taller prettier and much more. And as a result of that, I forgot to live. It took me long to realise that the tomorrow that I've been waiting for yesterday, is in fact today.

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter is officially here the weather is getting colder by the minute and the only thing you wanna do is stay in bed and drink tea or hot chocolate all day, but you have to get out and face the cold.  Sometimes staying warm and stylish in winter it could be a difficult task. We all had days when we stepped outside looking like an eskimo but cold is not an excuse for throwing fashion out of the window. Here I have listed 5 winter essentials to keep you warm and stylish, because you can still look fierce even when is damn cold out there.
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