A Weekend In Luxembourg

It was the 9th of November the day of my birthday, when my friend called saying "hope you are free in 2 weeks cus we are going to Luxembourg". I must have screamed a little, okay not little at all. I absolutely love travelling so if there is any opportunity to travel even for few days im completely on it. So absolutely broke, drunk and with 10 deadlines we left for an another adventure away from the stresses of London. It can be that bad we thought, we can do luxury when we have more money now let's explore and say goodbye to 2016 with a last minute trip, and why the hell not, life is too short. 

Vianden | A Fairytale Castle

Hidden somewhere in between the clouds, Vianden castle looks like it came out straight from a fairytale. Even though Vianden is a tiny and slightly isolate little town it has immersive history and every corner has a story to tell. The town was built around 698BC how crazy is that?! One of the best things about travelling is to be able to visit places with enormous history and culture just like Vianden, where you leave the place and feel like you have gained something that is above anything materialistic. 


The True Essence of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
What is Christmas?

Even though, I never had that ideal happy family, Christmas was always a big deal, especially growing up in a little village in a far away land. My family never had lots of money but we had what we needed, the basics pretty much. Every Christmas we would all gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the love for each other. I never been a religious kind of girl but I would still go to church on Christmas morning.
Now, moving out and to another country, I released what Christmas really is, and what I have been taking for granted. Having spent many Christmases on my own sometimes eating something as small as ramen noodles I tried to convince myself that Christmas is nothing but just another day, and look at the positive side which was well at least I get a day off. But as hard as I tried in the back of my mind I always longed those memories as distant as they are, with family, friends and nice dinner, there is nothing better than waking up and feel loved, that is what is Christmas all about, true,genuine love nothing else, nothing less.



bidvine app

blogger, there are so many things that are going through my mind and sometimes even keep me up at night( yup). For instance, I completely freaked out in the middle of the night few days ago, because I didn't have any posts scheduled which would result on no posts for the week, which means that my views will drop and my DA. Also don't even get me started about editing, coding, and freaking social media oh and those hashtags, being a blogger is not a full-time job is a 24/7 job, especially if you want to get somewhere in the blogsphere.

Has Feminism ruined dating?

Let's face it times have changed, women have much more rights than 100 years ago. We have come so far in so many ways that is quite admirable.The fact that a woman could be a candidate for the US presidency means a lot. All the women before us fought for us to be able to vote, for our rights to education our right to have a voice. But what if we have become so "in love" with our independence and how amazing is to be a woman that in a way ruined our dating life?!

Phobophobia - The Ventriloquist Nightmare

What is fear? 
That rational or sometimes irrational feeling you get, and you instantly feel the palms of your hand sweating your heart beating faster and your thoughts
What would you do in a situation where a great danger is upon you would you fight or flight?

9 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

Halloween has always been by far my favorite holiday, don't get me wrong I love Christmas and Easter but there is something about Halloween that just gets me so excited since I was a child. Maybe as a classic Scorpio with a moon in Aquarius im just naturally draw in anything dark and mysterious anything sinister and forbidden. Halloween has a long tradition and it is been celebrated for centuries, some even say that it was around before Christianity. So there you have it. The day of the All Hallows Eve is sacred as it's the day that dead comes back to life. To avoid being recognize by the ghost people wore masks and costumes so that's why we dress up every Halloween. 

Lost Between Now And Then

"Run before time takes your dreams away"

Hey, I missed you can't wait to see you later.
When did "later" gained more power than now, was it the same time, we put our dreams on hold for temporary pleasures that will not have any meaning tomorrow. Or maybe is the far thought of tomorrow that hold us back. But there is no really tomorrow, tomorrow is today.
Having been indoctrinated by society that when we reach a certain age we have to have achieved so many things, such as degrees, career, cars, house, marriage, kids etc. Currently, I'm in my mid-20s soon will be in my late 20s and sometimes I feel like I am lost in a vicious cycle that does not seem to end. I have never been that lucky girl that had everything there, I worked hard since I was very young, I own who I am today, but I still feel like I haven't achieved anything or at least I am not where I would want to be.


Do People Deserve A Second Chance?

                                Do People Really Deserve A Second Chance?

We all had or still have a person in our lives that screwed us up, whether that person was a boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or even a parent. 
A person we loved and trusted but has blinded us and we kept falling for the same old excuses and useless apologies.

The Reality Of Following Your Dreams//Huggle

Growing up I never really been a popular girl, but I always had friends they might not have been 20 or so but they were there. Whenever I wanted to go out or rant or just do whatever an ordinary teen wants to do there was always someone there just a phone call or a text away. Time has gone by, I grew up and followed my dreams, which meant that I had to get out of my comfort zone, move across the pond miles away from everything and everyone I knew. I was ready to face everything. But there is something that no one told me about, I've read many blogs on how to make it in a big city on moving to another country on studying but none of them stated the first thing you come across when following your dreams and that is loneliness. Even though I seem to be an extrovert I am actually more of an introvert but doesn't matter how much of an introvert or a loner you are, you still need people in your life. Having friends, someone to talk is an essential human need.

Winter Is Coming//Fall Style

I cannot believe that we are already in the mid/end of September where did the time go? It seems that summer lasted for a week, but hey it was damn good week.
Even though I absolutely love summer, winter is a season that I always look forward to, and I think every fashionista is the same. In winter we get to dress up wear our hair down without sweating, wear those killer boots and of course our fashionable trench coats that are so in right now.
Winter is coming, and I could not be more excited, as I have said in a previous post "new beginnings", there are many things that will be happening this winter, things that absolutely terrifying me but I'm also excited about because I'm starting something new. Also, winter means Christmas are on the way, long nights and hot chocolate ohhh and of course Halloween (even though that is in October).


Scrub Love//Review

If you read my blog posts or been on my twitter you would know that i don't just like coffee im obsessed with it. There is something about it that gives me life, no matter how late I am I will pop in my nearest coffee shop to buy my favorite caramel macchiato or mocha. However, I recently found that coffee can be used as a beauty product as well. I always told people that coffee can be used for everything and now it seems that I was right. 

New Beginnings

For the last three years, my life stuck on reply, I was on a rut that did not seem to end. After many disappointments I somehow convinced myself that's how things are going to be, I shut my self out completely and did not expect anything, I stopped trying, I gave up. Everyone saw me as that funny girl with no worries in life, the truth is that I was just numb, I somehow disconnected every emotion, at that time, I believed that was the only way to survive. There is nothing worse that seeing everything falling apart right before your very eyes and not being able to do anything but stare.        

What is it like being in your mid20s

When you are in your early 20s you can still get away with many things but as soon as you hit the big 25 you are officially in the big kids club.
I'm only few months away from turning 26 and I don't even know how I got here, it seems that I turned 21 last year, where did the time go?
Apart from the fact that I have times where im like holy shit im growing old is usually pretty good considering that now I get slightly more respect, cus ya know im old-er.

Being in your mid 20s is truly a roller coaster of emotions,there are so many expectations from society, so many things that you have to achieve but in reality you still feel like 21 year old who tries to act maturely just for the sake of it. Being in your mid 20s 10 years ago was so much different. People used to have kids and get married early buy houses and cars I can't even buy new shoes cus i have a massive student loan to pay back. 


Making It In A Big City

Does it worth it?
It seems like yesterday little me would look at the sky and wonder,what is beyond the mountains,how are the people in far away lands, will I ever get out of this small town? I never wanted the simple easy life that all my then friends and cousins wanted- meaning get married early have children move to a house close to your parents and just live. For me that was not living, it was just existing. I wanted more,I wanted to see the world meet people from different cultures, get a degree and my ultimate dream live in a big city. Every time, I mentioned that, people would laugh at me, I was just a little girl, and my fate is in this town. They laughed at me and doubted me so much that I stopped expressing them my need to get away and my dreams, even to my parents. However, I knew someway somehow I would make it, I never doubted that even though everyone around me did. 


It's Okay Not To Like Yourself (Sometimes)

Everywhere I look there are people saying that you have to love your body, and spreading body positivity but at the same time worship people with 1 specific body type that majority people don't have. Isn't that contradictive?


I Was Ghosted By My Best Friend

"The worst thing about being ghosted is to know that you didn't deserve a goodbye"
Few months ago I've written a post on growing apart from my childhood best friend (Read it here: Growing Up and Growing Apart) that ended up with me eventually ghosting her (I know a d*ck move), but having written this post I forgot what is like to be ghosted. 
Couple of days ago I decided to clean up my inbox and on the draft section I discovered an email that I've written 4 years ago but it was never send. It was meant for my soul sister as I used to call her. Our friendship started over a night and ended over a night. It's so crazy when you meet some people and you instantly consider them family. Is that familiarity the sense of closeness and belonging that you can't explain why is happening but you know it is.


10 Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus.

In the middle of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is known for it's crystal blue beaches, enormous history and delicious cuisine.
Is hard to imagine that such a tiny island has so much to offer.  Sun, Wine, Crystal blue beaches endless parties and hell of a culture, that's Cyprus.

Every time, I want a city break or a break in general from the hectic life of London, I visit Cyprus. This year I decided to dig a bit more into the culture and visit the historic parts of the island not just Ayia Napa.

Check out the main 10 reasons why you should visit Cyprus.

July Favorites

I cannot believe im writing July's faves where did the summer go? Is it seriously August OMG. 
I just got back from holiday from the sunny Cyprus to the rainy London, depression honestly. There is nothing better than cures holidays blues though than writing about your all summer faves well in this case my July's favorites. This summer, I discovered amazing beauty products that will be using for a while. 


Why I don't Wear Make-Up

"Maybe you should put some make-up on"
I never been the kind of girl who would put 10 layers of make-up, but I do consider myself to be rather girly. As any other 20 something woman I like looking good and dressing nicely but make-up is not my thing. In a generation where everyone is obsessed with contouring and strobbing is hard not to be at least intrigued by it. Like any media obsessed girl I wanted to try that countour thing that transforms you into a supermodel, and I did. As my make-up skills were non exited I got it done by a make-up artist. I was absolutely speechless when I saw my face, I looked so good but yet so different I almost felt like I was looking someone else in the mirror. My neck had a different colour than my face I didn't like it. 

10 Summer Anthems That You Need In your Playlist.

Summer is Finally here.
For approximately 9 months we all anticipate,dream on these 3 months of summer. And it's here, well we are halfway through. So I thought to list some of the summer smashes to kick off the summer, and get you on the right mood. Now listen up full volume, get wet, party and create some lifelong memories.
Live On the Edge.

Exploring: Larnaca


One of the greatest thing a human can achieve is the ability to look at the map and recognize places far away from home and call those places home. Memories worth more than any materialistic good you could ever buy.

In my travels I visited Larnaca, in Cyprus.  Larnaca, or ancient Citium or the town of Zeno the great Greek Philosopher has history of 4000 years. I always find it fascinating to be able to see, touch and walk in places with great  history that shaped humanity in a way. Larnaca or ancient Citium was home to Zeno the Greek philosopher known for his theories on Ethical laws and stoicism, and Cimon who was a statesman in the Greek military.

Apart from history and countless museums, Larnaca has good nightlife clear sea and most importantly good food.


Summer In London

Summer is finally here.Everyone's getting excited about their upcoming holidays, festivals little getaways etc. But you stuck in the city and you literally hate life right now, believe me I know the feeling. Or if you coming from a far away land in our lovely city and expecting to enjoy a hot summer in London, well is not gonna happen. But I guarantee you, you will have a kick-ass time, and after few day you will learn to like the rain, and our miserable faces.

Bravura London: Review

"Will you ever put acid on your face?"

My reaction, was are you kidding me right now?!
In my mind acid it's something that it should not come in any contact with your face or anywhere in your body. But little did I know that is been used as a beauty product.
When I first received the bravura products I was a bit hesitant as my skin is pretty sensitive and to be honest I was a bit scared to put them on my face. However Amanda the founder put my worries to rest as she explained to me what acid she uses and the benefits on my skin. Bravura specializes on chemical peels that helps improve the skin. Chemical peels can be pretty effective when it comes to acne and skin sensitivity. Ed Sheeran is one of the many celebrities that use the products.

Glycolic acid is a hydroxic acid and removes the dead cells from the skin. It also helps the skin produce more collagen, which keeps you looking younger. 
Even though I am still in my twenties, my crazy lifestyle and constant stress made my skin look older with fine lines on my face( pretty sad).  So I thought to give these products a go.


London Pride 2016

It's the rainbow month.

June is the official pride month, where individuals and organisations come together as one community to celebrate gay pride.  This pride will be slightly different than the previous one as we are also mourning for the 49 lives lost at the pulse nightclub in Orlando. For that reason LGBTQ and allies should attend to the pride this weekend to show that we are not afraid, we are proud and we all stand together, united as humans. We believed that a change has come but we sadly we still have a long way, but if we all work together, by educating people and bring awareness maybe in few years, kids won't feel the need to come out at all, as they won't need to hide their sexuality. 

Hello Summer

Even though the sky are still grey in England, summer has officially arrived and with every summer there is spark of hope along with a new beginning a new adventure a new something that new in the horizon.
I never been to keen for winter, I like summer because I have the freedom to wear whatever I want, go to the beach and stare at the ocean like am waiting for something to happen. I grew up in an island therefore cannot imagine my life without summer without not be able to wake up and run to the sea with joy and amazing gratitude. The tranquil of the ocean early in the morning makes feel like floating away from reality even for awhile, something that is hard to be achieved in the city.


Festival Essentials


Yeah another festival post. To be honest I never get tired writing and reading about festivals. One of the most anticipated events every year for me are the festivals, and according to stats is the same for thousands of people. I have not been to a festival though since 2014 because well real adulthood(uni years don’t count) happened and had to pay rent and bills. One of the reason that I love going to festivals so much is that, you get away for few days and you are free to express yourself however you want whilst creating life-long memories with your best friends. Since I will not be going to any festivals this year (still crying) I thought to share a little list you WILL need when going to a festival. Most of those things I had them prepared but forgot them at home that’s when I realized how much are needed. 


6 Fashion trends you need to know about this summer

I can't believe it's June already where did the time go?! My favorite time of the year has finally arrived. As a summer girl I absolutely hate winter and having to wear lots layers and not being able to show my style. This year the summer trends are actually pretty cool, with many trends being recycled from the 80s and 90s such as the chokers and high waisted skirts. It seems that you might get to be able to borrow/steal some stuff from your mom's closet you will definitely find some hidden gems.


Burning Man


Have you ever wanted to be in a place where societal norms and any kind of control does not exist, no rules and regulations?
A place where you are free to express yourself and embrace your inner freak.

We go through our whole lives repressing who we are,hiding our true emotions feeling embarrassed, guilty and slowly drifting away from anything that purely defines us as a whole human being. We spent most of the time hiding behind the mask we been given by society. In burning man your allowed to throw that mask away be who you truly are, embrace your weirdness,your creativity bring to life the child inside of you that you have been repressing for years. 


Growing Up and Growing Apart


"It seems like yesterday we were a little punk ass teenagers dressed in black and scuffed converse.
It seems like yesterday we cried, laughed together and promised eternal friendships us against the world.
Where did that time go? 
When did we fall apart?"

People say that time apart makes your heart grow fonder, but I don't agree with that. What makes people grow apart is simply growing up. We met approximately 15 years ago, we were both at the bus stop, anxiously waiting for the bus, she offered me a biscuit, our mutual hate for maths brought us together well and the biscuit. After that day we became inseparable, we would confide in each other our darkest fears and hopes we had each other's back, she was my best friend and I was hers. 

Time went by, we finished school, I decided to chase my impossible dream so I moved to London, she wanted to become a teacher so she went to a local college. We talked frequently through Skype and kept up with each other's adventures through Facebook. Until last year, we slowly started drifting away from each other, suddenly there was no conversation topic I always have things to say but this time I had nothing.  I can't remember when all started if I could someway reverse the time and go to that very moment we fall apart I would but sadly I can't.

When I went back home last summer everything was different I was different, I changed. But she didn't. I could no longer understand how she would get so excited over facebook likes she; would always ask me to comment and like her photos, don't get me wrong Facebook likes are good but I wouldn't get upset if no one liked my pictures. I never felt like I needed to prove anything to anyone anyways. I'm too old for that, I thought to myself. Maybe is me who is in the wrong. I lived the real adult life since I was 18, I was forced to grow up and be responsible in order to survive. I'm no longer a teenager, and no longer is she. We both got hit by the inevitable force of change. There are parts of me who are still longing the carefree life I once had with her when we were two silly girls dreaming of going away and chasing our little gipsy dreams. My difference with her is that I wasn't afraid I never been, I went for things she settled for things. Many times she will bring me back to reality telling me that what I want is never gonna happen, in a way she was right she was realistic and I was just dreamer but when we are young that's all we really have, our precious little dreams, that gives us hope and a reason to get up in the morning. And just like that, we became strangers disguised in familiar faces we didn't have anything in common anymore our conversations consist of"how are you? Fine you?Fine, thank you" and then silence.

 I came to the sad realisation that the little girl who held my hand throughout high school is no longer my best friend she turned into an acquaintance someone I used to know.  We no longer going to be bridesmaids at each other's wedding nor raise our children together as we dreamed of. Maybe the "forever" we promised was too long to comprehend at 10, nothing really lasts forever anyway. Is ghosting the solution? no is not it might seem like a juvenile act, but a disintegrated relationship is hard to fix, we can't dwell on the past. So, I decided to ghost her, it wasn't easy but I felt the need to do it. 

Maybe am wrong maybe one day I will regret it and it would probably be too late. I do look up to her on facebook from time to time, I want to know she is okay and happy with her life. Many times I am tempted to message her by then again I just don't.
She is part of my past and who I am today, she will always be in my heart after all she was my childhood buddy.
"Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled."


My Morning Skincare Routine


I always been very bad with keeping up with skincare, I would usually buy cleansers and moisturizers and use them once a month yup that bad. But since I turned 25 and got officially in my middle 20s (sad times), I decided to try a bit harder. When we grow older our skin stops producing collagen and that usually results to wrinkles. Even though I graduated from university couple of years I still maintain my student lifestyle(some people never grow up,sorry mom) meaning late nights, alcohol and bad nutrients which has affected my skin, not irreversible though. Last month, I went to a beauty event and I have been told by many skincare experts that my skin is very dehydrated and I needed to start using a good moisturizer and well drink more water, unfortunately alcohol doesn't count as a hydrating liquid. 
Few weeks ago I decided to give a go to some of the products I have been given which were called "Amie", I wanted to try the Amie products as they are 95% natural and vegan plus they smelled absolutely amazing. 

Ivy Park X Topshop

I have always been a big fan of Beyonce not just because of her music but also because she had always been empowering women and vocalized many issues that affect society. So, when I found out about her collaboration with Topshop I could not contain my excitement. Beyonce made her designer debut with active-wear for women. The range is a combination of performance technical styles to casual nights out clothing. According to Beyonce the collection was designed to inspire women to stay strong and maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and well being. Ivy Park is cool and fierce at the same time, my personal faves are the low rise leggings as the fit perfectly to my straight silhouette the white bra top and the leotard that I'm pretty obsessed with it. I would definitely rock it on a night out. What I really love about Ivy Park is that the clothing is designed to fit all body types and accentuate our assets. We all have a little Sasha Fierce inside of us, now is time to dress like her. 

Floatation Experience

                                       "I am Floating away, lost in a space of my own"
I always envied the tranquility and the depth of the ocean, I have always imagined myself being afloat and lost just me and the ocean far away from everything and everyone. Many times I tried to float in the water but considering that I had to contribute physically I could not reach the relaxation state I so much craved. Few weeks ago I was invited to go to a floating experience at Floatworks in London. I was excited and intrigued at the same time I could not stop thinking how is possible to float in the water what kind of sorcery is that?! 
Well the sorcery behind flotation is 800lbs of Epsom salt as I was explained by the owner Chris.  More specifically flotation takes place in i-sopod flotation tank that looks pretty much like a capsule half  filled with water and packed with so much saline that keeps you afloat. So not sorcery just modern technology and well the magic of nature.  


A Diffrent Kind Of Tea Party

It's Tea Time!
Spring heralds fun in the sun and tea parties!!!!
Last week I attended to my first tea party of the year at the Pop Up Pation in Finsbury Sqare and it was amazing.
The people from blogger hangout definitely know how to put up a good party. Unlike other events this one was more food/drink focused definitely my favorite I mean who doesn't love food?! 

Things To Do In London This Spring

Spring is official here and I could not be more excited. I'm completely over the long winter, short days and shiver-inducing weather. April heralds the arrival of spring and the end of hypernation, and it gives us the promise of long days full of sunshine(as much sunshine we can have in Landan). Is finally time to put our sunglasses on, grab our favorite frap and enjoy our city. Even though London has the reputation of being dull, as soon as the sun is out it transform to a place of bliss with endless things to do from morning to night.

Blogger's Fashion Week

One of the most exciting things about being a blogger is that we get to go to cool events and meet many people and get introduced to new brands. The latest event was the 
Blogger fashion week which comes after London Fashion week as a special industry inside. 
The event took place in a studio in Hoxton where all the cool kids hang out. The event was split in two parts myself and my blogger bff Ana from Faded Spring decided to go to both, we arrived there around 12ish and stayed until well 9 it was a long but a very productive day.

Genderless Fashion

Since we were born we were obligated to follow the unwritten rules of society. From the beginning of our lives we were being put into boxes one the most obvious box is "gender", which has nothing to do with our sex which determines if we are male or female. Gender is more socially constructed,than biological,many argue that there is not really a reason why little girls have to be in pink and play with dolls and little boys play with trucks and wear blue is more of a marketing technique to separate the identities and put people into boxes.

Vegetarian For A Week

Gone veggie for a week

 Even though I have always been an avid meat eater for my whole life I always wanted to become vegetarian but I always thought it would be hard to follow. My main concern is that as a very slim girl I thought that by being vegetarian will lose even more weight so I set as a limit to eat meat until I turned 30.  However, having vegetarian and vegan friends they put my concerns into other perspective and my silly little thoughts to rest. As an animal lover and animal rights advocate is pretty contradictive to continue eating meat. People choose to become vegetarian for various reasons,health,animal cruelty, religion etc. My main reasons are animal cruelty and of course health. I always been aware of how animals are being treated before and during slaughter but I guess I just let it pass me by or maybe I wasn't brave enough to face the truth. Few weeks back I came across a video by PETA, where it documents what really happens behind the scenes at the food industry, and honestly I felt embarrassed to be a human.

Soho Lights

As you might have read from my previous post "home" I always struggled with belonging however as soon as i walked into Soho i fell in love with it, just like Camden; soho is a place where  the outsiders hang out the eccentric kids the club kids who are not afraid to stand out. As an outsider myself  I felt comfortable like there are people out there who "get me" . Soho is not just located in the heart of London it is the heart of London.  

My Icebar Experience

As a city girl and a proud Londoner I always loved discovering new places to go to. One of my most wanted place to go was the Ice bar, I wanted to go there since I moved to London, but I never quite made  it. When I got invited for the #bloggersbelowzero event at the Icebar, I literally screamed from excitement, finally the day well night to be exact has come #yaaas
The event took place on a Monday which was good, as it kinda broke the whole it's "Monday I wanna die" kind of vibe, I had something more to look forward than waking up at 6am, so ya see not all Mondays are bad.  Icebar is located at the heart of London in the fancy Heddon Street between Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus. 


Perfect Red For Valentine's Day

It's this time of the year again where we feel lovey dovey and we see the colour red everywhere, yup Valentine's day is around the corner, how exciting right?! Well only if you have someone to spend it with if not well lets whip together I got wine, just saying. If you are celebrating this year then I am  guessing you are on the hunt for the perfect outfit,perfect lipstick and you want something probably in red. Well girlfriend, I got ya covered at least on the lipstick department. Finding the perfect red lipstick could be a mission, you need a lipstick that will make you look like a femme fatale not a clown you need it to be perfect by all means.   

Turning 25

I have spent my whole life dwelling on the past or thinking of what would have happened if I didn't do that or this. I have always procrastinated and left important things for tomorrow or left family and friends waiting, thinking that I will make that call later. I have gone through big moments of my life thinking of something else instead of being in the moment. I spent a big portion of my life wishing things to happen like I was older when I was younger, wishing I was taller prettier and much more. And as a result of that, I forgot to live. It took me long to realise that the tomorrow that I've been waiting for yesterday, is in fact today.

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter is officially here the weather is getting colder by the minute and the only thing you wanna do is stay in bed and drink tea or hot chocolate all day, but you have to get out and face the cold.  Sometimes staying warm and stylish in winter it could be a difficult task. We all had days when we stepped outside looking like an eskimo but cold is not an excuse for throwing fashion out of the window. Here I have listed 5 winter essentials to keep you warm and stylish, because you can still look fierce even when is damn cold out there.
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