Top 10 things to do in London this Christmas!

It's Christmaaaaas!!!!!
Well almost,only few weeks to go, but since is December we can freely start talking about Christmas and signing falalala, without getting punched.
As everyone knows London is one of the most popular destinations in Christmas. The whole city is pure magic during this time of the year. People from all over the world travel just to see the lights and the amazing decoration or even shop. If you live in a nearby country, don't hesitate to book a ticket to London. Even if you live across the pond you should come over and experience the magic and create lifetime memories. #proudlondoner.


"Are we meant to belong in one place?"
I moved away from my lovely home at the age of 18 to go to uni and since then, I never returned back and for the past 7 years I have been moving around indulging to my endless lust of wanderlust and curiosity to see and experience as much as I can. It never really bothered me the fact that I moved houses sometimes cities or countries as it was my choice, the only downside is that sometimes I feel like I have lost my sense of belonging and my definition of "home" has been twisted.  Recently I was having a conversation with my colleague and I was asked "Where is home for you?" and I just blacked out for few seconds, as I realized I didn't have an answer. I kept thinking "what is home" what I am supposed to define as home; the place I currently live in but I barely feel as home or the place where I was born and grow up?  Thinking that little question over and over again I came to the conclusion that I don't have a home as sad as it sounds.
 The only place I feel like home is where my parents are and they are across the pond far from where I am. 
I went back to my home country last year for few days everything seemed so familiar and yet so foreign I felt like I was not part of that community anymore, I didn't fit in. I guess that is the outcome of chasing a dream, is to be "homeless", does it worth it? I will probably answer that question when I am much older.  On the other hand we as human beings are we meant to belong in one place or is that part of the unwritten rules of society. Maybe we are not meant to belong anywhere or belong everywhere.

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