Thursday, 12 November 2015

Travel In style.

Travelling is pretty exciting,especially around Christmas, we all look forward going home, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Usually the last thing in your mind is being stylish at the airport, is not like you don't want to, but don't worry I got ya covered.

You might not have the paparazzi waiting for you at your destination like Kim Kardashian but fashionable luggage is a must for us normal people too! So check out what you need to make a fashion statement without breaking the bank.

Ted Baker suitcase with exotic print and an accent of coral. Seriously though is pretty big so you don't need to choose between two pair of heels when you can take both. Is slightly pricey but you are paying for quality. You probably won't need to buy a new one for the next 5-6 years. 
Price £196

On the inside

Are off just for the weekend?
Or you just need an extra bag but don't want a suitcase. This baby is just perfect by Victoria's Secret PINK:
Price: £59
 Ok, you cannot travel without your little vanity case, this is essential. You gotta find one that fits all your make-up but is not massive and still stylish.
Check out this vanity case from River Island :
Price: £25
You definitely need this cute little passport holder it's just so totes adorbs.
The perfect little case for a fashionista like you.

Last but not least you need a  fab bag that makes you stand out.
This chic tote bag is big enough to fit your vanity case, and make your  look elegant and extremely stylish.

Which is one is your fave?

By Anna

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