15 Kick-Ass Things To Do In Your 20s

Your twenties is the most important decade of your life, is the time where you transform from a teenager to an adult is the journey to discover yourself.  Many times you may have felt that things don't go to plan or how other people plan it for you or how you have been told that things are meant to be when you are 22 or 25 for that matter.  But guess what nothing is meant to go to plan especially when you are at your twenties, you are meant to try and fail multiple times in order to figure what you want and what you don't, everyone's journey is different. 
Is the time to let go of everything that puts you down and just simply live it up as much as possible, time goes by faster than you think. 

Don't forget in order to find yourself you first have to lose yourself. 

1) Chase Your Impossible dream.
Don't you have a dream that keeps you awake at night? You want it so much that even the thought of it brings tears to your eyes. 
Whether you want to become a scientist an artist or even a rockstar,this is time to get out of your comfort zone and chase that impossible dream of yours. Chase your impossible dream and don't let anyone even your family to talk to you into not. Many big artist and scientist have been told to give up like Albert Einstein if he did, now the world would have been much different. I'm not saying it would be easy, you would end up crying yourself to sleep many times, doubting yourself, being told that you're a loser. But in the end it will be worth.  If it doesn't work out at least you know you tried and you can go back to be an accountant or whatever. Don't let the time take away your dreams, don't let anyone.

2)Live With Friends
When I was 20 my friends and I moved into a house together, that was probably the time of our lives even though we completely trashed the house and ended up losing our deposit. Nothing can be compared than living in a house with your friends, having fun watching movies throwing parties,pranking the sh*t out of each other for no reason. Living with friends is something that everyone do in their twenties, not just for the fun things but also because you learn how to share, friendship, closeness and togetherness.

3) Don't Overthink Say Yes More Often Than No. 
You have to be up early in the morning but you been invited to a party or it's too cold to go out with friends, well stop with the excuses and go for it. You can have plenty of sleep when you are older now is not the time to do so. One day you will think about those times you said No instead of Yes and you will regret it. Don't live with regrets.

4)Get a Degree And Make your Parents Proud
Work hard on your degree and make your parents proud, there is nothing better than seeing your parents faces when you walk in with your graduation gown.

5)Go Crazy .
Let yourself loose, party all night, tell your crash that you like them,break the rules. Live like you will die tomorrow.

6)Conquer Your Fears
Face your fears whatever they might be, this is time to deal with your issues and live as free as possible

6)Have Lot's Of Sex 
It's the time to experiment and have fun, no rules here just use protection.

7)Live Abroad For A Year 
Move away and go to a country far away from home, there is a certain fear but also a great way to learn to live alone , adapt to a foreign environment; and most importantly explore to see how other people live and experience things you would never imagine.

8)Throw some kick *ss parties 
But make sure you can afford to lose your deposit

9)Love Yourself 
This the time to learn to love yourself, yeah little you with all your flaws and imperfections. Love yourself because you are imperfectly perfect. You are unique and beautiful.

10)Make Mistakes 
Make mistakes and make plenty of them, but make sure you learn from them

11)Don't Conform, make a change. 
Stand up for a cause you believe in, your young and you have the power to make a change, don't be discourage. Fight for what is right.

12)Go To As Many Festivals Possible
There is something absolutely amazing about going to festivals and camping with your friends is a must for everyone. Get the flower child out of you.

13)Shock yourself and others
Do something than you always wanted to but never did, like climb a mountain or win an award. Thrive for something and achieve it.

14) Travel
If you can afford it travel as much as you can, if you cannot then work hard for at least a year and travel as a backpacker you are young and strong, nothing can substitute experience.

15)Dress however you wanna dress.  
Fashion is all about experimenting and expressing yourself wear whatever you want to wear. Live that black boring dress in the closet you gonna probably needed in your 30s. 

                           Stay On The Edge because life doesn't worth living otherwise.


  1. I agree with lots of these!
    Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Especially agreeing with the travel thing! Though I say travel as much as possible at any age :)

  3. Happy to be doing plenty of these already! Though I do need to start going to more festivals - so far have only been to the Philly Folk Fest! Happy to say traveling to the max - just spent 2 years backpacking around Europe and Asia !

  4. As a parent, I am partial to #4 and hope that my children mostly do #14. ;) cute list!

  5. Great list. I'm still going to festivals and I'm almost 30. haha Maybe I'll stop when I have kids. I agree with Melody. Get a degree if you need it to do the field of work you want to go in and make sure it's not going to be a pointless degree. Plus I would have much rather spent my money on #14 lol.

  6. Well, I'm almost 34 now so these days are behind me. I wouldn't agree with your ENTIRE list, especially if my own children ever read this lol... but definitely live with your friends and spend as much time with them as possible, and travel, travel, travel. I regret not traveling more before I settled down and started my family.

  7. The 20s can definitely be some fun years. Young people should definitely be willing to try new things!

  8. I think it is a fun time to learn about yourself and the world around you. But I also think it is a great time to accomplish a lot before you have your family.

  9. I agree on quite a few of these - made me smile looking back at my 20's.

  10. I am happy to be on my late 20s and be able to tick most of these things :) Now, let's see what I can do on my 30's.

  11. I need to remember this for when I am in my 20s! Still getting through the teens lol!

  12. Loved all of your points! I'm still below the half mark of my 20s, so till got a long time ahead of me. Travelling is going to be one of my big ones next year for sure :)

  13. I am 22 and most of the list I have ticked off, in particular not conforming because I am your quintessential geeky awkward girl people used to think was a loser and now look at me. Those same people are working in Maccy D's so they can't say S**t. Oh and living with friends is fun but there can be massive arguments too, in the last house I was sharing with 4 friends 2 of them I no longer speak to and neither does the two friends I am still close to either. Choose your housemates wisely lol!

  14. Living the life to its fullest! All are incredible and I guess most of those in their 20's want them to accomplish! 23 years of existence and happily tickin off most from your list.

  15. I mostly agree to your points, specially items #1, #4, #6 AND #9. Some entries may not be suitable to Asian culture, haha!

  16. Glad I've already ticked off the living abroad one off my list as that was a great experience :)


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