Sam Smith "Writings On The Wall"

Powerhouse vocalist Sam Smith, is the voice behind the soundtrack of the new Bond film Spectre. Even though the single "Writings On The wall" , have received mixed reviews, it broke every record as it went straight to number 1, beating "Skyfall" by Adele whose song reached number 2. Even Roger Moore former James Bond actor, took the twitter to announce his approval of the song, he tweeted: “Sam Smith has delivered a very haunting and wonderfully orchestrated #Spectre theme song. Well done!"
The film will be out in October 26th in UK, cannot wait.
As a classical Bond soundtrack, "Writing On The Wall" has strong orchestral dynamics. The single shows a more emotional and darker side of Mr Bond, his character has been evolving with every film. With lyrics such as "How do I live? How do I breath?" it indicates that we will probably see a different side of Bond this time.

"Writings On The Wall" can be purchased on iTunes and is also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify

By Anna

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  1. The song is very weak. It went to number 1 because of all the hype, promo, and airplay. And Sam Smith is dull and overrated.


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