Haunted London

"During the day I don't believe in ghosts - at night I am a little more open-minded"

London is known for many things, the royal family, culture, arts, but as every old city has it’s dark side so does London.  The capital of England, is believed to be the most haunted city in the world. If you think about it for a minute, it does make sense, considering that the city is pretty much ancient which means that many generations of people have lived and died here.  The most notorious attractions in London, are known to be haunted such as the Tower Of London where hundreds of people have been tortured and died, the British Museum and of course we all have heard the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper and many more that make London a mysterious yet fascinating city. 
Here's a list with the most haunted places in London, just a little warning if you are easily scared you will probably sleep with your lights on tonight. 

1)Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel opened in 1902, and even though the area has not been residential many people have felt a strong presence and they had the feeling of being followed until the reach to the other side. We asked around and no one seems to know if anything happened in that area.If you have to walk through the tunnel to get your destination you might wanna walk faster or drag a friend with you, just in case.

Wanna visit it ? The nearest Transport: Cutty Sark DLR

2)Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery opened it's gates in 1839. Once you stepped inside you get to experience something very magical, mysterious and sinister. Unique to it's kind Highgate cemetery is been the permanent home for many famous people such as Charles Dickens, Karl Marc, Douglas Adams and many more. In Highgate Cemetery many ghosts ,weird entities and strange happening have been experienced that are yet hard to identify. (Paranormal Party)
The Notorious Highgate Vampire: who is reportedly 7 foot tall, he is said to have piercing dark eyes and wear a long black coat and top hat. I bet you don't wanna bump into him at night.
Old woman: This woman/ghost is heard screaming and seen looking for her children she once murdered.
Red-eyed ghoul: Some people have seen a red-eyed ghoul around the graves, trying to touch them and then disappearing through the thin air. These are not the only sightings in Highgate Cemetery, they are many more.

3)50 Berkeley Square 
50 Berkeley Square, Is believed to be the most haunted house in London.The notorious house was a home to George Canning a former prime minister until he died in 1827. After it was home to Miss Curzon who died at the age of 90. As it seems the hauntings started after the first residents. Some say that Mr Myers a former resident is the one who is haunting the house. Mr Myer was about to get married but his bride never showed up to the church since then he fell into a deep depression and closed himself into a room using only candlelight. Years after his death another family bought the house, a man with his two teenagers daughters. As soon as they moved in the eldest daughter complained about the smell in the house as it was very unusual. (Smell is a sign of a ghost). When her fiance was due to visit, the maid was asked to prepare the room he would be staying in. As soon as she went upstairs to the room the family heard her terrible screams. They run to her aid only to find her on floor saying "Don't Let It Touch Me". The maid died few days after. When the fiancé arrived, he decided to sleep in that room; few minutes later the family heard him scream, they rushed to help him just to find him dead with his face twisted in terror. Many other residents have experienced similar situations in the past and more recently, that led many paranormal lovers to believe there is something evil in the house.

4)Tower Of London 

Tower Of London is currently one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, but in the past was a place of torture and death. Built in 1066 the Tower was home of the Royal Mint.

Queen Anne Boleyn: Queen Ann was executed there and since then she haunts the place of her death. She usually floats around through the Tower's corridors headless. She was also seen leading a procession down the aisle of a chapel.
Arbella Stuart:Arbella who is reportedly the most famous ghost of the Tower, was James I’s cousin; she was imprisoned at the Tower and murdered there.
Edward V and his brother Richard: The young princes were considered illegitimate and banished by the Parliament to the Tower. Their bodies were found beneath the staircase. People have seen them in white nightgowns holding each other in fear inside the castle rooms. 
A white lady: The unidentifiable lady in white haunts the white tower. The mysterious lady stands in the window waving to children in the building opposite. No one knows who she is and how she died.
Nearest Tube: Tower Hill

5) Hampton's Court

With over 500 years history, Hampton Palace is 'bout to have some bad blood.
Henry VIII’s wives died here and they have been seen by many visitors throughout the years.
Catherine Howard:Catherine was the fifth wife of King Henry VIII and her ghost is usually seen floating around the Gallery. Dressed in white tries to reach the door and as she does she turns around and screams. 
Jane Seymour:Jane is Henry VIII’s third wife. She died after giving birth to Prince Edward, and she also died in Hampton Court just like Catherine. She can be seen walking through the courtyard of Clock Court . Sibell Penn AKA-The Lady in Grey: Sibell was a nurse to Prince Edward. She died in 1562 in Hampton church. Her ghost is usually in the rooms wearing a grey dress.
If you are up for a spook visit the Hampton Court Palace. Nearest Transport: Hampton Court Train Station

6) Aldgate Underground Railway Station
The Aldgate station is built on a Plague Pit where hundreds of victims of the Great Plague of 1665 have been buried. Is believed that over 5,000 bodies are currently underneath the station. The station opened in 1876 and there has been many tales of hauntings since then such as weird screams, cries and many unexplained occurrences.
One of the most well-known story is that of an electrician who slipped between the tracks and hit the live rail, being electrocuted with 22,000 volts. He should have been fried to death, but he came out without a scratch his colleagues swore they saw an old woman kneeling beside him, and saving his life.

7)Theatre Royal, Drury Lane 

Theater Royal was built in 1663 and is believed to be the most haunted theater in the world.

Theater goers and actors have reportedly encounter many ghost and unlike other hauntings these ghosts are seen as good luck. One of the most frequent visitor of the theater is the "Man In Grey"
often seen in Grey and a long hat. Is believed to be the ghost of a man who was killed and whose remains were found in a wall of the theater in 1848. Kind of creepy.
Another famous ghost is "Mr Charles Macklin" who was an actor and he allegedly killed a fellow actor during an argument over a wig in 1773. Well that's why you never mess with people's wigs. 
Last but not least is "Joseph Grimaldi" who seems to permanently resides at the Theater royal. Joseph was a clown and is reported as a friendly figure that helps nervous actors before the go on stage. Kind of like Caspar the friendly ghost.

8)Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children

The hospital first opened it's doors in 1866 after a cholera outbreak,in it's walls many children died. The hospital has been abandoned years ago, however it gets many lovers of the paranormal who are trying trespass.Is been said that people get very eerie feeling when they pass by; that send some serious shivers down their spine. If you are brave enough, stare at the windows you might see a child looking back at you.

9)The Flask
It can be a haunted London post without a haunted pub. The flask is supposedly to be the most haunted pub in the UK, built in 1663, is believed to be home to several ghosts. Also the very first autopsy was conducted in this place with a fresh body taken from Highgate Cemetery. One of the most popular ghost is the a Spanish barmaid who hanged herself in the pub's cellar,  the woman with dark long hair is been seen wondering around the pub. Another ghost who seems to be a permanent visitor is man in  a Cavalier uniform who is seen at the bar and the vanishing into thin air. Pretty spooky, fancy going to The flask for a drink now?

10)Sutton House
Sutton House built in 1535 by Ralph Sadlier. Since then, is been a home to many different residents, some of them dead. Is been said that not just one but several ghost are haunting this house. Even dogs won't pass outside the house. The most seen ghost is the one of the White Lady who is believed to be Frances and died in 1574. A previous resident said that he woke up seeing a woman hovering over him. If that doesn't scare your socks off then I don't know what.

If you are not easily scared and you are up for a fright why don't you visit any of these places.
Stay tuned 2nd part is coming out this week, with even more frightening locations and with photos that will keep you up at night. 
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                                                                      By Anna


  1. What a perfect post for October! I'd love to go!

  2. the only place that scared me is this 50 Berkeley Square...I felt my hair rising up

  3. Wow! What a post! That foot tunnel spooks me out! An ideal place to go as we had towards halloween!!

  4. I certainly believe that London is indeed haunted. A place that has that much history is bound to have ghosts! ;) I'm a bit of a scardy-cat though and wouldn't dare visit any of those places in the dark ;)

  5. I live in London and have never heard of some of these being haunted, I did know about Sutton House x

  6. I definitely do forget that london is such an old city lol but I am pretty freaked out right now lol

  7. I love London and all these places but never walked around them at night. Whoo got me thinking if I dare go around these at night now.. great post :)

  8. This is fascinating but not sure I believe in ghosts myself

  9. Oooh spooky! I've been in the Greenwich tunnel which was pretty scary as it sounded like it was going to collapse - the sound of a child scooting along echoed everywhere and it sounded so omninous! GREAT post for October!

  10. Very described, enjoyed every word and line of the "Haunted London"


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