Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Easy To Do

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday, I always look forward to it from August. I always love and sort of envy  people with amazing or creepy make-up but I never quite get how I can do it too. No matter how many make-up tutorials I watch on youtube I still cannot make it perfect. So I decided to go with the flow and do my own make-up look.
Here I listed 2 make-up looks that are extremely easy to do and it only takes to 10mins.
The Glambire Look 
In case you wondering what is a glambire is a glamorous vampire simple as that.
I love vampire tales, I think they are pretty fascinating, so in every Halloween I dress as a different version of a vampire(yip im weird).
To create this make up tutorial, I used Porcelain foundation by Rimmel so I can look as pale and dead as possible since my character is been dead for 100 years. I blended the foundation on my face very well so it can look as natural as possible. For the eyes I used Ebony Mac eye pencil, and I created an intense smokey eye look. To make it even more intense I used my fingers to smudge it even more on the down lid. 
For the lips I used Ruby Woo Mac red lipstick and again I smudge it with my fingers. And last but not least I used two big vials with blood and pour it all over me. I wanted to look like I just killed someone so I have added blood on my lips,my chest and arms. 

 Blonde Chucky DollI done lots of improvising in this look too. 
To get very pale complexion I used porcelain foundation by Rimmel and blended as I do with my actual foundation. I created a very intense eye make-up look with black eye pencil.After I finish with the eyes and foundation I draw a scar on my face and of course I added the blood. Finally added the black lipstick. The chucky doll it has red hair by hey who says that we have to do whatever everyone else does, so I got blonde wig.
And voila.

What are you going to be dressed as in Halloween.?

By Anna

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