Adam Lambert-Another Lonely Night Music Video


Adam Lambert has just released a music video for his second single "Another Lonely Night" off his third album “The Original High”.
After seeing the teasers we knew what kind of vibe the video will have, and as always the powerhouse vocalist never disappoints. 
Even though, the video is much more colourful than his previous one “Ghost Town” is in fact much more darker."Another Lonely Night" explores the dark side of being a performer. Sometimes the people who entertain, are not as happy as we think they are,they try to hide the void they are feeling by masking their emotions; but as soon as they are alone the void grows stronger.
Lambert’s creativeness never cease to amaze,as he always create thought provoking videos. Also trans idol and youtuber babe GIGI was part of the video. #perfection
The video was directed by photographer and filmmaker “Luke Gilford”.
You can watch the video here:

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What do you think of the video?

By Anna


  1. hi hon, first of all have a really pretty blog here. I am not the biggest fan of Adam, but I do love how visually pretty that video is, the director did a great job on bringing out the best of every person in the video.

  2. Cool and handsome It is a good introduction to many women's minds.



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