Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Easy To Do

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday, I always look forward to it from August. I always love and sort of envy  people with amazing or creepy make-up but I never quite get how I can do it too. No matter how many make-up tutorials I watch on youtube I still cannot make it perfect. So I decided to go with the flow and do my own make-up look.
Here I listed 2 make-up looks that are extremely easy to do and it only takes to 10mins.

Haunted London

"During the day I don't believe in ghosts - at night I am a little more open-minded"

London is known for many things, the royal family, culture, arts, but as every old city has it’s dark side so does London.  The capital of England, is believed to be the most haunted city in the world. If you think about it for a minute, it does make sense, considering that the city is pretty much ancient which means that many generations of people have lived and died here.  The most notorious attractions in London, are known to be haunted such as the Tower Of London where hundreds of people have been tortured and died, the British Museum and of course we all have heard the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper and many more that make London a mysterious yet fascinating city. 

Halloween In London

Well Hello Everyone.
My favorite holiday is just around the corner and nope I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about Halloween. Yup,I'm one of those people who get excited for Halloween in August. Every year celebrations get bigger and spookier.Halloween was not as big in the UK as it was in the US but now it has gotten much bigger, with horror festivals, Halloween parades, circus, crazy parties and many more. This year instead of doing my traditional Halloween house party and scare the sh*t out of my friends I decided to go out and see if any of the London parties are better than mine(yes im cocky). So check out the top 10  parties and events that will give you a fright in London this Halloween.
P.S Don't be one of those people who go out wearing normal clothes you have 364 days for that put on damn costume. 
Hallow's Eve is the best time to indulge to your Halloween Fantasy and unleash your inner (weirdo) alter ego, without getting judged.


Adam Lambert-Another Lonely Night Music Video


Adam Lambert has just released a music video for his second single "Another Lonely Night" off his third album “The Original High”.
After seeing the teasers we knew what kind of vibe the video will have, and as always the powerhouse vocalist never disappoints. 
Even though, the video is much more colourful than his previous one “Ghost Town” is in fact much more darker."Another Lonely Night" explores the dark side of being a performer. Sometimes the people who entertain, are not as happy as we think they are,they try to hide the void they are feeling by masking their emotions; but as soon as they are alone the void grows stronger.
Lambert’s creativeness never cease to amaze,as he always create thought provoking videos. Also trans idol and youtuber babe GIGI was part of the video. #perfection
The video was directed by photographer and filmmaker “Luke Gilford”.

Sam Smith "Writings On The Wall"

Powerhouse vocalist Sam Smith, is the voice behind the soundtrack of the new Bond film Spectre. Even though the single "Writings On The wall" , have received mixed reviews, it broke every record as it went straight to number 1, beating "Skyfall" by Adele whose song reached number 2. Even Roger Moore former James Bond actor, took the twitter to announce his approval of the song, he tweeted: “Sam Smith has delivered a very haunting and wonderfully orchestrated #Spectre theme song. Well done!"
The film will be out in October 26th in UK, cannot wait.
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