How to throw a house party, without breaking the bank.

I have been a student all my life, or well most of it,if I know something very well is how to throw a kick-ass party, without breaking the bank. When we were 20 my friends and I, after living for a year in halls of residents we decided to rent our own house. So can you imaging what is like being 20 and have your own house with your friends right? Party every freaking night until you can't party anymore. Throwing a 3 day party almost every week, I have become sort of an expert, on the subject.

Checkout my little tips on how to throw a party without breaking the bank and losing your deposit.

First of all make sure, that all your flatmates are informed about the party and they are ok with it. If they are not, invite them as well tell them to bring some of their friends too so they won't feel alienated.
ASDA is god given, for every student or a broke graduate you can buy cheap alcohol for the first round and then go by the party rule which is : BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE!
So if you want people to come to your party , don't leave it until the last minute, make a facebook event and invite your friends at least a week before.
Make sure you know who is coming and how many people are coming. I know you probably thinking the more the merrier and told everyone to bring their friends too. Well unless you want it to end up like a big orgy with people having sex in every room and doing weed all over. If way too many people turn up you pretty much lose the control, drunk people are more likely to get in a fight or break something and YOU will end up paying.
If you want to throw a kick-ass party make sure you include some games. If ya know what I mean. If you don't, well what I mean is drinking games such as Chandelier, beer pong, Shot roulette, never have i ever and many more, that will your party to stand out.
If you are up for the more the merrier and bring your friends kinda of thing, make sure all your valuable such as money, ipads, camera etc are in a safe,locked place.You don't who is sneaking into your room when you are absolutely pissed(drunk).
I know you probably think this is unnecessary but hey its house party full of drunk 20 year olds, is bound to happen gurl. So if you are a good host with big heart, buy some, for your dear friends. #justsaying
Make sure you have you playlist updated. If you want everyone to enjoy the party and dance their asses off don't go by what you think is awesome. Check the top 100, put mostly what is played in clubs. 
Buy some cool disco lights from IKEA, you can find them for £10 or under.

Have fun student life doesn't last long make the most of it, don't forget to party safe.

By Anna


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