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Well Hello Everyone.
My favorite holiday is just around the corner and nope I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about Halloween. Yup,I'm one of those people who get excited for Halloween in August. Every year celebrations get bigger and spookier.Halloween was not as big in the UK as it was in the US but now it has gotten much bigger, with horror festivals, Halloween parades, circus, crazy parties and many more. This year instead of doing my traditional Halloween house party and scare the sh*t out of my friends I decided to go out and see if any of the London parties are better than mine(yes im cocky). So check out the top 10  parties and events that will give you a fright in London this Halloween.
P.S Don't be one of those people who go out wearing normal clothes you have 364 days for that put on damn costume. 
Hallow's Eve is the best time to indulge to your Halloween Fantasy and unleash your inner (weirdo) alter ego, without getting judged.

1)Fave:Twisted Circus Halloween Festival 
Twisted Circus is probably the weirdest thing you will ever see,but you have to experience it at least once in your life. Hallow's Eve is the perfect time of the year to get the freak out of you. In this freakish twisted circus every thing is possible, even meeting the Angel Of Death. Twisted Circus stays true to it's festival nature and have candy floss, face-paint pop corn and everything that a festival has. A Kick ass DJ Line-up has been assembled headlined by Capital Xtra’s DJ Charlsey. Find more info and tickets here

2)Fave:Hollywood Forever Halloween Special 

Hollywood lives forever or not? Well on Halloween everything is possible. "Egg" is throwing a legendary party full of dead legends as you're required to dress as your favorite dead Hollywood star. Slightly morbid but hey it's Halloween. Dance the night and day away with disco slips and house techno. Find More Info and Tickets Here

When:Friday October 30 2015 - Saturday October 31 2015
Where:Egg London , Lower Holloway

3)Found Horror Series: Born and Bred Halloween 
"Found" the festival crew and well, party experts are ready to spread the horror at the "Bulding 6" where they are hosting two nights over the Halloween Weekend. Born and Bred festival team, teamed up to create a frighteningly good line up including Dj Target,Hatcha, N-Type, Faze Miyake, Matt Jam Lamont, Oxide and Neutrino and many more. Find More Info and Tickets Here
When:Friday October 30 2015 - Saturday October 31 2015
Where:Building Six , Greenwich Peninsula
4)Krankbrother: The Apocalypse 
What if you lived to see the apocalypse?! What would you be a zombie, a monster (that probably killed humans), God(since is the apocalypse), a rebel, or whatever comes to mind?
In this apocalyptic themed party you can dance like the world is about to end. "Pulse" will be transformed into a hell on earth. The music will be house and techno.
Bring on the apocalypse. If we gonna go down we might as well go down dancing.
When: Friday October 30 2015 - Saturday October 31 2015
Where: Pulse , South Bank

5)Zombie Apocalypse 
Have you ever wondered if you would survive a zombie apocalypse?
Now is time to find out. This Halloween the apocalypse will take place at the Allianz Park.
Time to use all the knowledge you gathered from walking dead or any other Zombie related movie or series.  Find More Info and Tickets Here
When: Saturday 31 October 2015
Where: Allianz Park
6)Fave: Voodoo Rock 
If you are a wild rock kid and like to head bang then Voodoo Rock is the place for you. Rock all night long because Voodoo is open until 6am playing all the rock classics. There will a bouncy Castle, Karaoke, BBQ,Cage Dancers, Magicians and many other so you will surely have frighteningly good night. The venue has 4 levels and 2 Live stages. Probably one of my favorite place for Halloween. Go Hard or Go Home. Find more info and tickets here
When:Friday October 30 2015.
Where:Voodoo Rock, Angel

7)The Heaven and Hell Halloween Ball 
It's all about heaven and hell in the end of the day right?! However is up to you to decide whether you are an angel or a devil. This party will include cabaret performances, live music and the latest party tunes. Find more info here
When: Saturday 31 October 2015
Where: Scala, King's Cross

8)London Horror Festival 
What a better way to celebrate Halloween than going to a Horror festival. The London Horror Festival lasts for three weeks so you have no excuse to miss it. The horror festival is a combination of spooky, erotic, and downright humorous performances.
When: Mid October Until first week of November
Where: Camden Town

9)Fave: The Halloween Ball 
Club NME brings to you , the Halloween Ball only for the mighty because things get scary fast. 
With VITAMINS taking the stage in the legendary club KoKo.
Find More Info Here
When: Friday 30 October 2015 
Where: KOKO, Camden Town 

10)Fave:Thorpe Park: Fright Nights
Are you up for a big scare? If yes Thorpe Park: Fright Nights is the place to be.
The Fright nights get scarier every year. This year you can face your deepest fears locked inside four haunted rooms, in "Containment".  On "The Big Top" you can can loose your way into the scare maze in an abandoned carnival on the island Amity Beach. Fright night is definitely a no miss, what better way to spend Halloween, than get scared out of this world?!
Find More Info and Tickets Here

Now go find yourself an appropriate costume to celebrate the day of the dead, Halloween.
Have a very Frightening Evening.

If you are a horror fan stay tuned because Haunted London post is coming soon including Cemetaries, Demons and ghosts. 

By Anna


  1. Awesome! I love Halloween too! SO much fun :)

  2. Same here, I love Halloween! There's no pressure to buy gifts, haha and visit relatives :D That London Horror Festival sounds so fun, 3 weeks? Wish we had something like that here!

  3. My husband wants to go to a Halloween party next month and I wish we could visit London for a Halloween adventure.

  4. You forgot Blackheath for fireworks!

  5. Sounds like London knows how to do Halloween in a major way! The zombie apocalypse looks so cool lol!

    Old World New

  6. The Zombie look is nice...!!

  7. How fun! I love Halloween, and I love London--I bet combining the two would be epic! :)

  8. I would so love to celebrate Halloween in London. This is awesome.

  9. Great post. I was once in London and it was Halloween at that time. I must say it was crazy.

  10. Oh wow I love this post! Creepy in a good way. I'm in the US and I love Halloween also. I don't tend toward the horror end of the spectrum but I'm a big fan of going for it no matter what type of Halloween you like. My family would love to see that Zombie Apocalypse - they are diehard Walking Dead fans!

  11. Wow. Crazy fun! I've been sharing October and Halloween event on the blog - and I'm sharing this one on my Twitter feed.

  12. I can't remember the name of it but it is a scary as hell farm late at night in the middle of nowhere with actors who come and scare the s**t out of you. Thorpe Park Fright night is good too.


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