Exploring a Lost City

Hello Everyone
Few months back, I went to Cyprus for holidays. Cyprus is half Greek and half Turkish, my mom is Greek, from the occupied Karpazia. So me and a couple friends went on a road trip to see my mom's land. On our way there, I was dazed by the view, it was like it was taken from a movie, a war movie  to be exact where everything was destroyed, buildings, houses and now it's been left a ghost town with few people here and there. Everything was so surreal, it was like I traveled back in time and to a different country (pictures were prohibited at that part)

How to throw a house party, without breaking the bank.

I have been a student all my life, or well most of it,if I know something very well is how to throw a kick-ass party, without breaking the bank. When we were 20 my friends and I, after living for a year in halls of residents we decided to rent our own house. So can you imaging what is like being 20 and have your own house with your friends right? Party every freaking night until you can't party anymore. Throwing a 3 day party almost every week, I have become sort of an expert, on the subject.

Checkout my little tips on how to throw a party without breaking the bank and losing your deposit.
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