What You Need to Know Before you Move to A New House (Student Edition)

Well Hello Peoples,
As a recent graduate who spent all of my university years renting I have become sort of an expert in this area. And I would like to share some tips with you that I wish I knew when I first moved out of my momma's house to a new country, new city and a new house.

First step is to start thinking where you will be staying at least 2 months in advance, if you leave it last minute you will end up getting a box room for £500. Why? Because in August well late August and September all the students are looking for houses and if you haven't found anything by then , you will start to panic and landlords are more likely take advantage of your desperation and raise the rent price. #truestory

Never Ever pay deposit or sent any money for a place you haven't seen. For many reasons, most importantly the place might not even exist, or they could have photoshopped the images to make it look good and when you arrive there, it would look like it could fall on your head. Speaking from personal experience, I have seen many ads online and as soon as I physically saw the house I wanted to run away. The walls were disgusting, the furnitures dirty and probably as old as my grandma, so NO.
If it's too good to be true is probably FAKE, for example a flat in Mayfair zone 1 only £500 a month, well you wish, hell I wish too. Keep your eyes open and be realistic use common sense.

Read the contract twice, and give it to someone else to read it too. Make sure you understood everything before you put your signature. Landlords are pretty greedy and they can easily trick you especially if you are a foreigner or a student.
Google the address to make sure the house/flat exists and also google the landlord or estate agent, to make sure they are legit too. Many scammers are out this time of the year.
If you are going to move in with people you don't know, make sure you ask about them before you sign anything. Or if you can meet them in person and have a little chat, that would be even better. 
If your university is in zone 1 or zone 2(London) and you want to live around there be prepared to pay the very least £700 a month. If you can't afford that then moving in zone 3 or 4 is not as bad as you think. London has the best transport system in the world you can travel to Central London pretty easily.  However If you really wanna live in zone 1 or 2 you can always share a room with 1 or 2 people, yup
Give yourself time don't rush anything, start early and see many houses. Remember you will be staying there for a year and if you are a student you wanna make the most of it.
Look on websites such as https://www.spareroom.co.uk/ , http://www.rightmove.co.uk, http://www.overseasstudentliving.com

More tips on student life will be coming soon
If you have any questions or you need any help message me.


                                                                   By Anna


  1. Hi Anna, while reading your post. It recalled my uni life of renting and moving from one place to another during some of the semester breaks : ) Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. Yeah.. Rental can be expensive depending on demands as well... Sigh... This is however a very useful post... Thanks for highlighting it..

  3. I never been move around since I was study! I move once my family divorce when I am still kids can't rmb the life of moving house though! But as economic not good nowadays, it was always better to survey and find affordable price first then decide with moving!

  4. i use to moving house. i hate move house especially you have to search for a good location with reasonable price. Packing is the thing I hate most.

  5. this is a great tips..im moving into my own hse too but not for studiess la..im too old for it....so i guess there more things to take care..

  6. Awh I used to do this too back in Australia. Great tips on the article :)

  7. i rented a house for close to 7 years, where even after i got my first and 2nd property i was still renting. Why? well i always feel, why do we need an own house to live in, when we can rent it out to others for more $$ . Unless of course we decide to settle down.

  8. During uni times, I guess most of us also hv renting house experience... Guess nobody likes the hectic of moving house.. It's good to own an affordable one though..


  9. Moving house can be stressful. I moved into the current house and the stress nearly make me nuts

  10. Enjoy reading your blog post!! Could't agree more! Moving house can be very stressful :(

  11. Thanks for your advice, I will be studying in London this year and still havent found a place to stay yet. Your post was extremely helpful.

  12. Love your blog post ! So well written! Cant wait to read more. ☺️


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