Too short for a maxi dress.

Miss Selfridge Maxi dress

Hello Sexy people
I always loved maxi dresses and long skirts especially in summer but I never really got to wear them. Why?Because I'm only 5'1 and I always thought that I'm too short for it, and I would look ridiculous.My height has always been a big insecurity for me. Few weeks back I was reading daily mail and a pic of Kim K popped up with a maxi dress, Kim K is allegedly 5'2, only few inches taller than me. So I thought to myself if she can then I can too. I got up and went shopping tried few maxi dresses and none of them looked as bad as I thought, on the contrary they made me look taller. I ended up buying a couple for my holidays. I matched it with a nice pair of wedges and I was ready to hit the road.

The secret to pull off a maxi dress it to pick either a dark colour one like mine (see pic above) or one with horizontal or vertical lines like the one below(Kim Kardashian). The reason is that these designs give the illusion of a longer torso hence you look taller and slimmer. And don't forget your sexy wedges. 
What I realize is that is not how your body is build that makes an outfit look good,is YOU. 
All those stupid stereotypes like tall girls look better in maxi dresses or bigger girls shouldn't wear leggings and this and that, are bullsh*t. So, F*ck it wear whatever you wanna wear, people would judge you anyway.
Confidence is the key and some nice heels and you are ready for the kill.
And Yes,you can still look fierce in a maxi dress even if you are only 5'0 tall.
So wear whatever you want and let everyone stare !!!


Dress On Top: Miss Selfridge
Crop Top: Asos
Skirt: Bershka

By Anna


  1. Nice post :)

    1. Thanks Anjali. :)
      I will definitely have a look on your blog.

  2. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

    1. Thank you so much. :)

      I checked your blog, and you have an amazing style.

  3. Great post, Anna. I am just under am 5"4 and I look ridiculous in maxis if I don't wear heels. I have a black BCBG Max Azria maxi that I love so much. You are right that a black maxi dress can really work well if your short. I still have to wear my heels with them though. Wedges are a great alternative to a platform or a pump.

  4. You looking so nice in this dress! I wanna definitely recommend you to have a look at for maxi dresses online There are all kind of styles, colors and sizes, just perfect!

    xx Jess 💕

  5. Never listen to other peoples judgements about height, size, skin colour ect because fashion is personal and not based on someone elses opinion. You look gorgeous xxx

  6. I also like to wear maxi dresses in summer,because are so easy to wear and you feel comfortable.


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