What You Need to Know Before you Move to A New House (Student Edition)

Well Hello Peoples,
As a recent graduate who spent all of my university years renting I have become sort of an expert in this area. And I would like to share some tips with you that I wish I knew when I first moved out of my momma's house to a new country, new city and a new house.

Too short for a maxi dress.

Miss Selfridge Maxi dress

Hello Sexy people
I always loved maxi dresses and long skirts especially in summer but I never really got to wear them. Why?Because I'm only 5'1 and I always thought that I'm too short for it, and I would look ridiculous.My height has always been a big insecurity for me. Few weeks back I was reading daily mail and a pic of Kim K popped up with a maxi dress, Kim K is allegedly 5'2, only few inches taller than me. So I thought to myself if she can then I can too. I got up and went shopping tried few maxi dresses and none of them looked as bad as I thought, on the contrary they made me look taller. I ended up buying a couple for my holidays. I matched it with a nice pair of wedges and I was ready to hit the road.

It's All about Lush. Don't Look At Me Review

Well Hello Everyone,
This is gonna be a very lush post. 
I have recently visited the new Lush flagship store in Oxford street and gurl let me tell ya, it's just totes amazeballs. I went in and I didn't know where to go first. I was in heaven. I got my usual cleanser which is "Let the Good Times Roll" and after that I went to the face mask section. The flagship store has 4 exclusive masks, I tried the "rosy Cheeks" on my hand and "Don't look at me Now". Rosy Cheeks smelled like roses simple as that. "Don't look at me now" though was just pure freshness and it caught my eye immediately with that bright blue colour, and of course I left with a pot of "Don't look at me now".

Hello Flawless-Benefit Review

Few weeks I was in John Lewis, looking for a new perfume, so as I pass by benefit counter a lovely lady started talking to me, and before I even know it I was on the sit getting my make-up done. (I am a sucker for make-up). So the lady applied the "Hello Flawless" foundation on my face and my skin looked absolutely flawless, and the best of it, it looked natural, I hate cakey looking face, so I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation. I didn't buy it immediately,  as I went in with no intention of buying anything make-up related. Also I wanted to see how it looked on the natural light and if it last long. 

After few days I went back and got it. 
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