The Summer Tag

Hey Girl Hey.
The sun is up, sunscreen and sunglasses check. 
So is time for the summer tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been nominated by the Coral, check her out at she is pretty awesome.
1)What are you sipping on favorite summer drink).
I'm usually a spirit kind of person but in summer I love drinking cocktails. Love me Frozen Margaritas all day everyday. I love Margaritas are refreshing,colorful (not that it matter) and they got tequila, and I love tequila.

2.What is your favourite clothing item? Also show us your favourite summer dress.
My favourite clothing item is my bikini cus im on holiday and live in those tiny little things.
This black dress is my favourite,because I can dress it down and dress it up.

3. What is your favourite summer accessory?
My Sunglasses
4.What is your favourite body spray and perfume?
My Favourite body spray is "Bombshell" by Victoria's Secret and perfume is "Nina" by Nina Ricci.
5.Summer equals crazy hair! What’s your must-have styling product?
Honestly, I don't use any. Sometimes less is more especially in summer. I usually leave my hair natural.
6.What’s your favourite summer nail polish?
OPI in Orange and blue.
7.What’s your favourite summer-proof product?
Maybelline "Falsies" i LOVE that mascara, it makes my lashes massive and is also waterproof, so I can put it on, at the beach without looking like I've been punched hard on the face after getting out of the water.
8.What is your favourite lip colour this summer?
KIKO-Matte Orange Lipstick
9.What is your favourite blush for summers?
Rimmel blusher in peach
10)A beauty product, which is essential for you considering summer.
My moisturizing cream which is "Dramatically Different" by Clinique. A good moisturizing cream is pretty essential in summer.
11. What is your favourite summer candle? If any
I'm not really into candles to be honest.
12.Your favourite spots for vacation?
Greece,magical country.
13.Any picture of quote, that inspires you this summer?

14.Have you published any blog post regarding summers?
Yes I have. 
The one is my summer playlist which includes all the summer song that will instantly set you in a holiday mood. Check it out here
An the other one is Summer in London. I am a Londoner and as everyone knows we don't have really have summer here. So I listed the top things to do in London. Check it out here

I now nominate these 10 bloggers to do the tag.

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