My Favourite Apps.

Hiiii Everyone!!!
There are so many cool apps out there too many to count. I will be going on holiday soon, so I've been looking for some fun apps to keep me sort of entertained on the plane. 
Here I've listed my favorites well at least for this week.

1) Drinki 
If you are a go hard or go home kind of person(like me) and you like alcohol then this app is gonna be your new bae. Drinki offers you free drinks for exchange of facebook check in when you are at the bar. My friend told me about this app couple of days ago and honestly I thought it was scam, because it was too good to be true. So when we were out and about I thought I'll give it a try, and it worked. The barman checked me in and I got a free drink.  #happylittleme  (IOS) (ANDROID)

Another fave app. I love making videos, but hey it's long process. This apps makes them for you. You pick a theme and a song and all the clips and pics you want to include and voila a kick ass video. Check out the video I created with Magistro. (IOS) (ANDROID)

Do you wanna do something, but you always live it for later?
Well if yes this app is here for you. Honestly this app is probably my favorite. This app helps you achieve your dreams. It helps you tackle goals by combining inspiration, organization and social support. The only downside is that only is only for I-phones, this discrimination against android needs to stop. (IOS) #justsaying

This is little app makes miracles, I live a pretty cray lifestyle so I permanently have dark cycles, this app makes them disappear with one click. I don't even need to put on make up on, for morning pics, I can just take a pic edit it on perfect365 post it on insta and then go back to bed.  The only downside is that it takes way too much space.  (IOS) (ANDROID)

We all getting ready to hit the road or plane. So we are pretty much in the packing process but how many times we forgot things, important like phone charger or well panties. This app is here to help you with packing. It offers a list templates that is adjusted for the length and type of your trip (IOS)

6)Zombie Tsunami
I love my games. I don't know how and when that happened but I am sort of addicted with this game. Well I live in London so long tube rides on a daily basis it kinda made me a game addict. I have many games on my phone. This one though it's kinda different because, you are basically a zombie killing humans,twisted I know, but fun as hell.  (IOS) (ANDROID)

Do you have a favorite app?

by Anna

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