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Few weeks ago, I went to see the award winning musical "Memphis" at the Shaftebury theater in London. Memphis has been hyped quite a lot, and all the reviews were in it's favor so I was excited to watch it. And let me tell ya, from the beginning until the end it had me hooked. It definitely lived up to it's expectations. I don't even know from where to begin, all the performances were outstanding. Beverly Knight is an amazing actress and an even better vocalist and Matt Cardle a charismatic actor who portrayed Huey perfectly, I can't imagine anyone else playing Huey.
A forbidden love and a music affair tale, set in America back in the 1950s, where racism and prejudice were a big issue.
Huey a white DJ, who falls in love with black singer Felicia. Huey wants the world to hear Felicia sing but the white producers are not ready for a black singer.
This musical is an eye opening of what was really happening not many years ago. And how far we have come along as humanity. This musical shows that there is no such a thing as colour in love and music and in general.
Overall, is probably one of the best musicals in west-end right now, it has an amazing storyline, high energy dance numbers and incredible vocals. There are times where you wanna get up and dance, and times where you wanna cry.
Is definitely a must watch.
Memphis Musical London

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