London Pride!!!!

Happy Pride Everyone!
Last weekend London was celebrating the gay Pride,dressed in colours. Last year it was my first time going to pride so this year I was more prepared (brought more glitter). I read somewhere online that last year 750.000 people attended well this year it must have passed a million, all the main streets of London were full of people, it was like a big street party. My friends who have been going to London pride for years they were saying that this pride was probably the best and the biggest ever. The parade lasted approx. 3 hours, the party continued to Trafalgar sq. and then moved to the streets of Soho until the morning hours. The whole atmosphere was so joyous everyone was having an amazing time, dancing and signing like a true celebration that brought people together.
Gay pride doesn't only celebrate sexuality it also celebrates individuality and the freedom to be yourself and the right to be loved and accepted for who you are. #lovewins
Check out the pics:

London Pride
Rainbow Girls
Nice Socks gurl
Mufasa aint dead he is at the pride!!
Legs for dayzzz
Outside KU bar, do you feel the love?
Is that a green horn?!
Killer Queen
Pride Fun

Happy Fucking Pride!!!!


  1. What a wonderful post! The pics look amazing and the individuals seem so fun to be around! I really wanted to attend but London is quite far from where I live :(



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