Monday, 6 July 2015

A weekend in Brighton

Well Hello Everyone!
Few weeks ago it was my best friend's 24th birthday, but myself and another friend missed it. So we wanted to do something for her to show her that we love her and we really wanted to celebrate her birthday. We decided to plan a surprise weekend away in Brighton!!!
I have never been to Brighton before so I was pretty excited to go. Also is not as far from London as I thought, it took us only 2 hours if not less to get there, by train.
This post has quite a lot of pictures so I apologize in advance. But hey Brighton is so beautiful you gotta take pictures.
We reached in Brighton around 10am and walked to our hotel, and of course we got lost. After wondering around we finally found our hotel which was just opposite the beach how amazing.We drop off everything at the hotel and went for exploring. First stop was of course for food,after wondering around and travelling we were starving. Next to our hotel we found this cute cafe-restaurant i think it was "the regency". We had a traditional English breakie and a much needed cappuccino. Apparently Brian May is a regular there, so that's quite awesome.

Brighton is so beautiful and everything is within walking distance so we hit the road for some
exploring in da city.

Of course we had to pay a visit to the choccywoccydoodah.

After walking around and getting wet (it was raining) we found this cute little tea shop called" Tea Shop" (obv). Instead of traditional tea we had hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows yuum.

At night we went to Jamie's Italian and we had an amazing dinner and few glasses of white wine.
Afterwards we attempted to go clubbing but we were too tired to even move so we got back to the hotel and ended up watching the Simpsons and drinking champagne haha.


The second day we decided  to take a walk on the beach and pier since the weather was nice and have fish and chips, I mean we are in Brighton we gotta have Fish&Chips.

The whole trip in 47secs 

Brighton was so awesome, I cannot wait to go back.

By Anna

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