10 Summer Classics To Kick off your Holidays

For approximately 9 months we all anticipate,dream on these 3 months of summer. And it's here, well we are halfway through. So I thought to list some of the summer smashes to kick off the summer, and get you on the right mood. Now listen up full volume, get wet, party and create some lifelong memories. Live On the Edge.

1) California Gurls-Katy Perry
Well this song doesn't need introductions. I have it on full volume now as I pack. Bring it on summer. #caligurlatheart

2)The nights-Avicii
This song is not just a club banger the lyrics inspire you make you wanna in the now and celebrate your youth. My personal favourite.

3)The night is still young
It's Nicki Minaj B*tch.
Get ready to go wild because the night is still young.

4)The Original High-Adam Lambert
Is definitely my summer jam. Everytime this song comes up I can't help but image beach parties, cocktails and having fun in the sun. Amazing summer song.

5)Where are you now-Jack U&Justin Bieber
Where are you now is pretty melancholic let's face, but as soon as the beat is so sick ya wanna danceeee.


My jaaaam ,this is the kind of song you just hear once and that's it you can't get it out of your mind.

7)This Summer is gonna hurt like a motherf*cker-Maroon 5

This song it's definitely a grower. You are not into it at first but as soon as you hear it at the club you are like" O.M.G I  LOVE THIS SONG"

8)Bombastic-Bonnie Mckee
This song is as ridiculous as the music video I LOVE IT.

9)Cool for the Summer-Demi Lovato
Demi is back y'all. This song is fun,care free and sexy#donttellyourmother

10)Summer-Calvin Harris
"Summer" is well a summer anthem. It's loud, bright it feels like you are at a party with bikini on. Living for the summer.

What's on your playlist?
Do you have a favorite summer song?

By Anna

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