Freedom-Pharrell Williams


Pharrel is back with a powerful video for his new song "Freedom".  Pharrell's creativity has no limits. Freedom takes you on a journey to explore the various definitions of freedom. From slavery and liberation to nature and lastly questioning the freedom within society.
The video is full of direct and indirect images of freedom, such as horses running free in the wild,breathtaking views, the blue ocean.

This videos is basically saying to you that "Freedom is a state of mind" once you set your mind into being free in whatever that is (society, religion,yourself) then you are able to conquer everything.

Memphis Musical Review

Well Hello World
Few weeks ago, I went to see the award winning musical "Memphis" at the Shaftebury theater in London. Memphis has been hyped quite a lot, and all the reviews were in it's favor so I was excited to watch it. And let me tell ya, from the beginning until the end it had me hooked. It definitely lived up to it's expectations. I don't even know from where to begin, all the performances were outstanding. Beverly Knight is an amazing actress and an even better vocalist and Matt Cardle a charismatic actor who portrayed Huey perfectly, I can't imagine anyone else playing Huey.

London Street Style. What Do Londoners Wear.

Well Hello Everyone.
London is famous for many things,but one of those things are fashion. Londoners have a very distinctive sense of style. Always Edgy and fashionable, never afraid to go out of line on expressing their individuality through fashion.
Enjoy the streets style edition.
Pictures were taken at Soho, London.


10 Summer Classics To Kick off your Holidays

For approximately 9 months we all anticipate,dream on these 3 months of summer. And it's here, well we are halfway through. So I thought to list some of the summer smashes to kick off the summer, and get you on the right mood. Now listen up full volume, get wet, party and create some lifelong memories. Live On the Edge.

My Favourite Apps.

Hiiii Everyone!!!
There are so many cool apps out there too many to count. I will be going on holiday soon, so I've been looking for some fun apps to keep me sort of entertained on the plane. 
Here I've listed my favorites well at least for this week.

The Summer Tag

Hey Girl Hey.
The sun is up, sunscreen and sunglasses check. 
So is time for the summer tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been nominated by the Coral, check her out at she is pretty awesome.

Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is growing right before our very eyes.
The pop singer recently released a music video for his new song "Where are you now" and it's rather different than anything he is done before. Justin teamed up with Skrillex and Diplo and created a kick-ass summer song. Written by Justin Bieber and produced by Jack Ü( aka Skrillex and Diplo ).  "Where are yo now" gives you a sense of  melancholy but the beat is so sick it makes you wanna dance, I LOVE IT. Let's go back to the video now.  As I said before this video is way different than anything he is done before. This video is pure artistry. Fans drawings were shown in the video while Justin was dancing, it was so amazing everytime I paused the video a different drawing would come up.  I love the super psychedelic trippy feeling you get from the video. Sometimes you don't need a big budget to create an amazing artistic video just a bunch of doodles just saying.

A weekend in Brighton

Well Hello Everyone!
Few weeks ago it was my best friend's 24th birthday, but myself and another friend missed it. So we wanted to do something for her to show her that we love her and we really wanted to celebrate her birthday. We decided to plan a surprise weekend away in Brighton!!!
I have never been to Brighton before so I was pretty excited to go. Also is not as far from London as I thought, it took us only 2 hours if not less to get there, by train.
This post has quite a lot of pictures so I apologize in advance. But hey Brighton is so beautiful you gotta take pictures.

London Pride!!!!

Happy Pride Everyone!
Last weekend London was celebrating the gay Pride,dressed in colours. Last year it was my first time going to pride so this year I was more prepared (brought more glitter). I read somewhere online that last year 750.000 people attended well this year it must have passed a million, all the main streets of London were full of people, it was like a big street party. My friends who have been going to London pride for years they were saying that this pride was probably the best and the biggest ever. The parade lasted approx. 3 hours, the party continued to Trafalgar sq. and then moved to the streets of Soho until the morning hours. The whole atmosphere was so joyous everyone was having an amazing time, dancing and signing like a true celebration that brought people together.
Gay pride doesn't only celebrate sexuality it also celebrates individuality and the freedom to be yourself and the right to be loved and accepted for who you are. #lovewins
Check out the pics:
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