What To Expect In Ayia Napa.

Well Hello Everyone.
Since is the holiday season, I thought to write a little post about my all time fave party place which is Ayia Napa(yup go hard or go home).
You probably have heard of Napa if not, well is Ibiza's little sister. Probably a dream holiday for anyone below 30. I went to Napa for the first time when I was 17(yup I was underage shhh), and since then I've been going almost every summer, so I am kinda of Ayia Napa expert.
Ayia Napa, is in Cyprus a small island next to Greece. Napa is a small little town with 100 things to do, but is mostly famous for the beautiful beaches and the insane nightlife.
Check the list below to get to know Ayia Napa a bit more:

People in Ayia Napa know the recipe for a good party. Things get wild and I am not even exaggerating, definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you have in mind what a crazy party is like, then multiply it by 10 and you are there.My favorite club is the Castle which looks like a castle literally, but the reason I like it is because is massive and it has different kind of music in different rooms and drinks are not overly expensive. By the end of the night you will find yourself voiceless because you been screaming "ayia fucking napa" all night long. Also if you are on a budget you can still party away, the prices to get into clubs are between 10 to 20 euros sometimes you can get in for free. In Napa's sis Ibiza, you need 70 euros or even more, so 10 euros is nothing, more money left for alcohol (see the logic here).

Fantasy Boat party:
Fantasy boat party is pretty epic!!!!
I don't know even know how to describe it. It defines the go hard or go home saying. It has everything that consist a party your parent's wouldn't want you to go to. Strippers, drink games, challenges looooots of alcohol. The fantasy boat party is definitely a must.


Ayia Napa is not just famous for it's wild nightlife but also for the white sanded beautiful beaches. My favorite is Nissi beach, it has white sand turquoise waters, it does get a bit busy but it totally worth it. If you like a good party then this is your beach. They are foam parties going on almost everyday, the atmosphere is very lively. Everyone is up for a bit fun. Be careful of the pervs though.


I LOVE waterworld. If i had the money I would spend 50% of my Napa holidays there. There are so many rides to choose from, if you wanna have a little bit of fun or if you wanna get your adrenaline high, there is a ride for you. The only downside is that is a bit pricey 38 euros just entry so plus 20 for food and drinks, almost 60 euros. But hey yolo!!!

Ayia Napa is the ultimate party place, everyone should go at least once. We all should go a bit crazy, wild and let loose once in while. But all with caution.
If you are going to Napa this summer, or next summer, you will have a kick-ass time, and don't forget to take bug spray with you is as important as your sunscreen.
Also what happens in Napa stays in Napa. #ayiafuckingnapa

Have you ever been in to Ayia Napa?

By Anna

Disclaimer: Pictures were found on pinterest and google.

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