Adam Lambert: The Original High

Adam Lambert finally released his 3rd album "The Original High" and it's pure funk/house/pop awesomeness. The Original High has a different direction from his two previous albums. 
"For your Entertainment" and "Trespassing" were screaming glitter from above. For the new album he teamed up with the hitmakers Max Martin and Shellback, so we kinda knew the album would be awesome from the start. On the new album Adam seems to be more mature as an artist. He experiments with new sounds; I love the 90s feeling and the freshness.
My personal favorites are "There I said it" an unapologetic song with clever lyrics and insane vocals. "Lucy",a pop-rock classic, Adam's voice is made for this kind of songs, with the added bonus of Brian May on the riff what could you want more? Another fave is "The original high" I like how it gives you that summer breeze feeling, perfect timing for summer.

Ghost Town:
Ghost Town has to be one my favorites.
Adam has it's way to touch people with his lyrics and make them think a bit deeper. The house beat and the whistle makes the song's beat perfect.
Maybe it's about the aftermath, when the chase of the original high ends.
You realize your heart has been left as a empty as a ghost town , and then you are like fuck it I just want to dance.

The original high.
Aren't we all chasing for the Original High? As Adam said. We pretty much are, most of our lives. This song could get very deep or very light depends in which perspective you see it.
Is definitely my summer jam. Everytime this song comes up I can't help but image beach parties, cocktails and having fun in the sun. Amazing summer song.
I will definitely include this on my playlist for my traditional pool party in Ayia Napa. Very European sound.

Another Lonely night:
There some dark ass lyrics in this song. It starts with a slow moving piano and finger snaps and builds up to a dance trance. Let's get drunk and dance the night away, lonely or not.

Well you got us hooked Adam. Underground is a sexy R&B ballad, I love the snare drums when the chorus hit. I can see this taking place in a dark city bar.

There I said it:
It's a bad-ass ballad with some kick ass lyrics. "I am grown ass man" part strikes you so hard.
Adam's vocals in this is just out of this world. I love how versatile he is, he can go so low and then so high. Who does that?! Only Adam Lambert. #golamp

Rumors Feat, Tove-Lo:
Rumors is pretty moody atmospheric song, with Tove- Lo, with an electro-pop sound.
I like the "get out of the haterade" part.

Evil In the Night:
This such a dance song with persuasive beat and kick ass lyrics "bombs over Broadway" and "my life flashed before my eyes, razor blade lips and daggers up your eyes".

This song could be the soundtrack of my life, I can relate to every word. I f*cking LOVE it. Everytime Brian May and Adam Lambert get together they create magic. I cannot wait to see them perform this together on stage. Adam's insane vocals and Brian's sick riff, is out of this world no wonder why he is considered one of the best guitarist of all time.

Things I didn't say:
Another relationship gone bad song. I guess break ups are good when you are a musician.
This is song is so damn catchy, can't get it out of mind. Also I love the reference in "whataya from me" I get FYE vibes.

This song is so 90s. Seriously let's have a rave party and play this song on full volume and get smashed.

Heavy Fire:
Shit gets real in this song.
Beat-driven "heavy fire" bring the finale.
Adam 's voice in this song is just insane, it kinda makes you wonder how come he doesn't have like 5 grammys already.

Buy the album here or here.

What's your favorite song?

By Anna

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