Common Misconceptions on mental health.

Well hello everyone.
Since there are many misconceptions on mental health I thought to write a post on what actually mental health is and all the myths around it. Also I would like to point out that even though I am studying psychology I not an expert and all the stats have been taken by scientific reports on mental health.
First of all let's start with what mental and mental health is. "Wait doesn't mental mean crazy?"
No it does not mean crazy. WHO (world's heath organisation) defines mental health as the state of well being. More specifically mental health is how you cope with life in general and how you react in certain situations. So mental health is on the inside as physical health is more of the biological part of your body.
Now that you know what is mental health let's move on to what is a mental disorder. Mental disorder is a behavioral pattern that affects the person's life just like when a physical illness occurs.
There is one too many misconceptions surrounding mental health so lets try to put an end to some of the questions you may have.

1) If I admit that I have mental health problems people will think I'm crazy.
Aren't we all a bit crazy in our own way,crazy is such generic term. Being diagnosed with a mental disorder it means you have a problem similar to physical disease which needs treatment. If  a family member or a friend thinks any less of you, then you don't need those people in your life.

No people with mental disorders, do not wanna kill you. Get over it.
The percentage of violence is extremely low only 3% to 5%, of mentally ill people have been violent. In fact they are more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else. So you are safe.

3)It is never gonna happen to me.
Mental illnesses do not discriminate it could happen to everyone even you or your mom/father or your sister/brother, boyfriend/girlfriend. The past century until now the research on mental health has been increased however scientists still don't know the exact reason on why people become mentally ill.
It could be biological, genetics, traumas etc, but all of these are hypotheses not a fact. So it could happen to everyone.

4)Suicides are more frequent in Christmas?
Really who told you that?! Statistics have shown that people are more likely to commit or attempt suicide in spring not Christmas, is not clear why.

5)I don't need to go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist my GP will help me.
Well, if you had to make an eye operation would you be ok if a gynecologist did it instead of an ophthalmologist. Of course NO, there is a big difference between vaginas and eyes right?
So why not go to a specialist who spent 8 years being trained to help you and give you the best treatment possible. Mental health is as important as physical health.

So these are the 5 common misconception and myths on mental health.
Next time you meet someone who is suffering with mental health problem, think before you talk and judge them. If you do not know about that specific disorder then educate yourself and be more open-minded and understanding.
Let's all help to minimize the stigma and make the world a better place for everyone.



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  1. This is a great post - keep raising awareness, lovely because it's so so important :) The more we do, the less stigma there is xxx

    Sam //


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