April Favourites!

Well Hello, sexy people.
And Helloooo May, summer it's officially on it's way yaaas.  So I thought to make a post of what I've been obsessing with in the month of April.

One of the things that am absolutely obsessed with is my new hair oil is called "biotin and collagen". I have very long hair but it keeps breaking so I was told to get a hair oil. So I got this from my local boots and im in love with it. The only down side is that the bottle is too small so if you have long hair you will probably need two a month. Seriously though if you have or wanna have long hair this oil has biotin which is the hair growth hormone and makes your hair grow faster and healthier it also makes the hair very soft and it smells awesome.

Second thing I am obsessed with is the simple cleansing lotion. I've always been using lush products to clean my face, don't get me wrong still love lush but I wanted a change. Previous month I stayed to my friend's house for the weekend and I used her cleansing lotion which was by "simple". I really loved how it cleaned up my face and it left it very smooth. Next day I went straight to boots and got a bottle, it was only £3.29.

I always been obsessed with lipsticks you cannot even imagine how many I own seriously I need an intervention. Since spring is here and the weather is been really good, I thought of buying a vibrant colour lipstick so I got this amazing lipstick by KIKO in colour fuchsia. It was only £5.00 freaking bargain. It comes in a silver tube and is smells like vanilla is pretty creamy and moisturizing.

So few day ago, I bought the new glamour magazine, and it came with a little face mask called balance me. I never heard of this brand before, so I thought I will give it a go. On the tube it says radiance face mask. I used a couple times and I actually like it. It cleaned and exfoliated my skin and left it very smooth. So I recommend it to everyone who was to try something new. You can get the small tube to try it out is only £4.50

When I was working in Victoria's Secret I used to buy lingerie, body creams etc so I have quite a  loooot of VS stuff, yup I really took advantage of my 20% discount. A while I go I bought the "Moonlight Kiss", but I kinda forgot about it, but lately I've been using it like everytime i get out of the shower. I love how refreshing it is, not too strong but you can definitely smell. The aloe very makes my skin very soft. 


Have you use any of those products before?
What are your faves from the last month?


  1. I always see that hair oil in the shops but never pick it up! It sounds amazing, may have to pick one up next time I see one! x


    1. You should, it's so amazing and not too expensive. Let me know if you buy it, and if you like it or not :)

  2. The biotin oil sounds really good, I use coconut oil on my hair, it's so amazing for strengthening and keeping it moisturized!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I haven't used coconut oil on my hair, but I use a lot of products with coconut i just love the smell it reminds of summer. :)


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