Common Misconceptions on mental health.

Well hello everyone.
Since there are many misconceptions on mental health I thought to write a post on what actually mental health is and all the myths around it. Also I would like to point out that even though I am studying psychology I not an expert and all the stats have been taken by scientific reports on mental health.
First of all let's start with what mental and mental health is. "Wait doesn't mental mean crazy?"
No it does not mean crazy. WHO (world's heath organisation) defines mental health as the state of well being. More specifically mental health is how you cope with life in general and how you react in certain situations. So mental health is on the inside as physical health is more of the biological part of your body.
Now that you know what is mental health let's move on to what is a mental disorder. Mental disorder is a behavioral pattern that affects the person's life just like when a physical illness occurs.

L'Oreal-Superstar Mascara, Review

I've been on the hunt for a new mascara for few weeks now. I usually buy Rimmel or Maybeline, so I kinda wanted to try something new. Few days ago while I was at the make up aisle in boots I spotted the new False Lash Superstar Mascara by L'Oreal, it was on offer so from £10.99 I got it £7.99. So I thought I will give it a try, is not that expensive anyway.

New songs you might have missed...

It's Music Monday peeps!
What a better way to start off your week with some fine tunes. Here I have listed all the tunes you might have missed while studying for exams writing up reports and dissertations or just because you were too busy getting busy. ;)


April Favourites!

Well Hello, sexy people.
And Helloooo May, summer it's officially on it's way yaaas.  So I thought to make a post of what I've been obsessing with in the month of April.
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